1027 yen per month for having two smartphones – Simultaneously transfer the main Galaxy smartphone from the cheap SIM Myneo to IIJmio (4GB), and the sub iPhone from Rakuten Mobile to Povo 2.0 at the same time MNP

update Last updated: February 28, 2023 at 3:50 PM

The cheap SIM of the Galaxy S10+ that I am using in my main My Neo (the plan isMy Candle) to IIJmio (5GB) (Note 1)MNP to iPhone 7 reserved as a spare (Note 2) SIM was MNP from Rakuten Mobile to Povo2.0 at the same time.

The reasons for each MNP are as follows:

  • From Myneo to IIJmio with MNP
    The price plan of 990 yen per month that can be used with unlimited packets is revolutionary and attractive, but it is completely useless if the speed limit of "data communication speed between 12 ~ 13 o'clock on Monday ~ Friday is up to 32 kbps" is applied. There is no problem if you are at home and have a Wi-Fi connection during that time, but it is inconvenient when you go out or in an emergency. I'm also somewhat unhappy with the 1.5Mbps speed limit applied at other times of the day.
  • From Rakuten Mobile to Povo2.0 with MNP
    The "Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII" plan, which was previously available for 0 yen per month for up to 1 GB, was automatically transferred to the new plan from July 1, 2022, and the fee structure was changed to 980 yen per month for 0 ~ 3 GB.

2023.02.28 update

(Note 1) From April 1, 2023, the 4 Giga Plan will be increased to 5 Gig, and the 8 Giga Plan to 10 Giga.
(Note 2) Due to the discontinuation of iOS updates, the model of the sub-device has been changed from iPhone 7 to iPhone SE2.

Myneo to IIJmio MNP

In order to save on communication costs, I was looking for a SIM that could be used for less than 1,000 yen per month like Maineo, and the SIM that was perfect for me was IIJmio of Internet Initiative.

In my condominium, I have a constant Internet connection with a fixed line on the following Shonan cable network "Hikari Economy Course, 2,728 yen per month".
Usually, it is a Wi-Fi connection to a PC, smartphone, Blu-ray recorder, SKY perfect tuner, etc., so for smartphones, the amount of packets per month is about 4 GB or less.

Based on the above, we decided to choose IIJmio's 4-giga plan (990 yen per month, au line).
In addition, MYNEO always optimizes communication in order to reduce the amount of files transferred, and the quality of content is reduced by modifying image and video files.
However, IIJ has previously stated that it will not process communications optimization, so the quality of the content is likely to be better than that of Myneo.

As for the communication speed, it is a little slow compared to au and UQ mobile, but it is much faster than Maineo's Mai Soku, so it is not a big problem for me.

IIJmio received its SIM three days after applying for MNP.
As a precaution when opening IIJmio, you must call the IIJmio On-Demand Activation Center (0120-711-122) to complete the activation procedure before replacing it with an IIJmio SIM card.
After that, insert the IIJmio SIM into the SIM card slot of the console, follow the settings described in the manual, and set the APN settings of the mobile network (in the case of an iPhone, you need to install a configuration profile) to activate it immediately.

The gallery below shows the APN settings (Android) and the screen of the app "My IIJmio".
The remaining data (1.81GB) shown is a prorated value starting from the start date of use.

IIJmio imposes a speed limit when the basic data capacity granted every month is exceeded. When the data capacity is exceeded, the maximum communication speed is 300 kbps. In addition, during low-speed communication (when there is no coupon remaining amount or when the coupon is turned off), if the communication volume per 3 days exceeds "366MB", the communication speed will be limited.

Finally, IIJmio is worth mentioning.
Regarding voice calls, domestic call charges are 11 yen / 30 seconds (*1) including tax, and when the "Family Call Discount" is applied (*2), it is possible to use it for 8.8 yen / 30 seconds including tax. This is the same amount as the Rakuten Phone app, and I think that the call fee is quite cheap and profitable. For SMS, the pricing structure is similar to Povo 2.0.

*1 Eligible calls are made from within Japan Japan to mobile phones (070/080/090), IP (050), and fixed (0ABJ). Digital communication charges such as Videophone, telegram services, time signal services, and special services such as weather forecasts are not subject to the above calling charges.
*2 Only calls made from within Japan domestic service between voice SIMs contracted within the same mioID are eligible for discount.

Rakuten Mobile to Povo2.0 to MNP

In my case, the Rakuten Mobile SIM stuck in the iPhone 7 is used as a sub-line, so I don't usually use it much. Therefore, we don't want to spend as much money on this SIM as possible.
Therefore, we decided to MNP to Povo 2.0, which is considered to be the most optimal SIM for those who used Rakuten Mobile for 0 yen. Povo 2.0 is an au line because it is a service provided by KDDI and Okinawa Cellular Telephone.

As for Povo 2.0, I received the SIM the day after I applied for MNP!
To set up Povo 2.0, first install the Povo 2.0 app, insert the Povo 2.0 SIM card into the SIM card slot of the main unit, and then follow the guidance in the app to complete the line opening procedure. The setting is easy because the app does it.
Also, the SIM pin was included in the Povo 2.0 starter guide that was sent, which was a very kind impression.

The gallery below shows the App Library and App "Povo 2.0" screens on iPhone 7 with Povo 2.0 installed. As for the topping, "Data addition 1GB (7 days) 390 yen" is applied.

Povo 2.0 can be used for 0 yen as long as you purchase additional data and content toppings every 180 days. If the remaining data is 0, the speed limit is applied and the communication speed is 128kbps.
The cheapest topping is the 220 yen "smash. all-you-can-use pack (24 hours)".

Povo 2.0 call rates are as follows:
・Domestic calls: 22 yen / 30 seconds including tax
・Satellite ship phone: 55 yen / 30 seconds including tax
・SMS transmission fee to domestic address: 3.3 yen / message including tax
・ Overseas SMS sending fee: 100 yen / message (Consumption tax is not charged.) )

Considering the au communication failure that occurred in July 2022, DoCoMo for the main machine and au for the sub machine may be ideal, but since the main machine is an au smartphone, both have become au lines.
In addition, Myneo is provided with three lines, au, DoCoMo, and Softbank, so the number of carrier options will give Myneo a higher ranking.

Summary of communication expenses

As a result of MNP, the monthly communication fee (including tax) is summarized as follows. Note that this amount does not include SMS or call charges.

MVNO / ISPCommunication Costs Suitable
IIJmio990 yenup to 5GB
Povo2.0¥37Buy toppings for "smash. All-you-can-use pack (24 hours)" for 220 yen every 6 months
Shonan Cable Network
Hikari Economy Course
JPY 2,728It is also used for fixed Internet connection and Wi-Fi in home condominiums
planJPY 3,755

2023.02.28 update

Good news has arrived from IIJmio. As follows, the price remains the same, and from April 1, 2023, the 4 Giga plan5 gigIn addition, the 8 giga plan is10 gigThe amount will be increased to!

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