I visited the second restaurant of BHARTIYA ZAAKA in Hiratsuka for the first time and had a dinner set of curry and naan. It was seriously delicious!

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Yesterday, I suddenly wanted to eat authentic Indian curry and naan. Then I remembered that there was an Indian restaurant near my apartment.
The shop is located about 3 minutes on foot from Hiratsuka Station, and is located in a corner of a building in the Hongtanicho shopping district.
The store's HP is located in Kanagawa Prefecture as shown in the link below.HiratsukaWith two stores in the city and Odawara, it is a shop where you can enjoy authentic Indian curry. The shop I visited was the second store.

The catch written on the website of the shop of Baltiya Zyka No. 2 (Hiratsuka) is as follows.
When I looked around the restaurant, it was true that the staff around me were all Indians, so I had a feeling that I could enjoy authentic Indian cuisine rather than deception.

Taste of what Indians eat in India: From authentic North Indian cuisine to home cooking
It is the second store of Baltiya Zaika opened in Odawara in 2014. "Baltiya Zaika" means "taste of India" in Hindi. We continue to make it by sticking to the taste that Indians eat everyday in India. Not only is it spicy, but you can fully taste the taste of spices.

Baltiya Zyka Hiratsuka (localplace.jp)

Shop entrance

There are two entrances to the Baltiya Zaika No. 2 store, and the gallery below is the entrance from the parking lot opposite the Red Valley Town Pearl Road shopping street.


The gallery below is the menu of curry and naan of interest.
This time, I ordered Baltia Zykassett A (2 kinds of curry + salad + naan + soft drink, 1580 yen).
The types of curry were chicken curry and mutton keema (spiciness is normal), the taste of naan was plain, and the soft drink was chai. And then there's the extra order, draught beer.


This is the gallery of Baltia Zycasset A. In the kitchen, you can see the Indian chef kneading the naan firmly and putting it in the tandoor, which increases the sense of anticipation.
Immediately, draft beer and salad were delivered to the table. The salad was Indian or rather spicy dressing.
When I finished eating the salad, the long-awaited curry and naan came.

First of all, I got a naan. It is said that it is big, it has elasticity and firmness, and the taste is also solid and very delicious.
Next up is chicken curry. The aroma of fragrant spices spreads. I immediately rolled it up in Nan. A moderate pungent and spicy taste are intertwined with the naan, which is also exceptionally delicious.
And then there's the mutton keema curry. It is honestly delicious without feeling the smell of mutton at all.

I am not good at spicy, so I chose the spiciness as normal, but if you like the spiciness, I think it is better to choose "medium spicy" or more.
I had eaten curry at an Indian restaurant in Shinjuku Kabukicho before, but the curry at that restaurant was just too sweet, and compared to the taste that was still one, the taste of Baltia Zaika was genuine.

At the end, I tightened it with chai. This was also spicy and delicious.
If I had known that there was such an authentic Indian restaurant in the neighborhood, I should have gone sooner.
It seems that they also do outings, so next time I may order from the dezenkan. 😅

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