Iroha Sushi (Hiratsuka, Beniya-cho)

update Last updated: July 9, 2020 at 10:05 PM

Recently, I refrained from eating out on my days off, but I really wanted to eat sushi, so I decided to go to "Iroha Sushi" in Hiratsuka and Beniya-cho for the first time in a long time.

When I was working for Queen in Yokohama on Saturday, I went to Sushizanmai at the west exit of Yokohama Station every week after work.
After changing the shift to popcorn in Shinjuku, I couldn't eat my favorite sushi because Shinjuku's sushi is not doing in the morning because of the short-time business due to corona's influence.

So, even at work, I was full of things about sushi. ← Work (laughs)

By the way, Iroha Sushi-san seems to have refrained from business for two months, so it is said that it finally resumed business from this month.

Iroha Sushi has been indebted to you since he was a former general (father), but I remember that at that time there was a life-size doll of a general like Kernel Sanders standing at the entrance.
Now, his son Yuzo, the second generation, is managing the restaurant as the general manager. On Yuzo's Instagram, I saw that delicious-looking tuna that had just arrived was always uploaded, and I thought that I had no choice but to eat it. 😅

The picture above is the Iroha Sushi menu. My recommendation is Nigiri's "superlative". You can order them individually, but I think the set is more profitable.
It's a little more expensive than conveyor belt sushi, but it's 3,000 yen with miso soup as shown below, so it's not expensive.
In particular, tuna, sea urchin, and salmon roe (rolls) were excellent! 😋

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