Nikuzushi, a new genre sushi restaurant in Shinjuku Sanchome

update Last updated: August 21, 2023 at 3:54 PM

The other day, I visited a new genre of sushi restaurant "Nikuzushi" in Shinjuku 3-chome for the first time with a customer from Shinjuku 2-chome Popcorn.
meat sushi is an izakaya that has expanded nationwide through franchises since it opened its first store in Ebisu Yokocho, Tokyo in 2010. When the restaurant first opened, the main menu was horse meat, but now the menu has expanded to include beef.
When I checked it later, it seems that Meat Sushi is mainly operated by Garden Co., Ltd., which operates franchises such as "Yamashita Honki Udon" and "Ikkakuya".

The 3-chome store of meat sushi was in the basement. I managed to get in with a reservation, but the store was almost full even though it was a weekday. The shop's signboard and product description will be posted in the gallery below.
In the menu, there are descriptions associated with seafood such as "fatty tuna" and "conger eel", but the ingredients of sushi are actually all meat!

It's a new genre of sushi, so people who aren't used to it may have some resistance, but it was delicious for me.
You can enjoy the performance of broiling with a burner for "Specialty!! Sashitoro" uploaded in the gallery below. The sweetness of the fat and the umami of the meat will fill your mouth, and you will be very satisfied.

The short video of "Meibutsu!! Sashitoro" is below.

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