Merry Christmas!

update Last updated: January 7, 2016 at 1:03 AM

Perhaps this may be the last, but Santa costume of the year.
This photo was taken with the following "Sony Xperia Z3 SOL 26".

Actually, from next year, Y! I plan to destroy the mobile smartphone and change it to a SIM of Myneo, which is an AU MVNO, so I got a Sony Xperia smartphone from Yahoo Auction for 30,000 yen.
(Restriction on network use is determined by ○)

In My Neo, SIM compatible with VoLTE was also recently released, so there was also an option for the latest Zperia models, Z4 and Z5. However, those models still have heat generation problems, so I chose Z3.

The reason for choosing Meineo is that tethering that is not supported by DoCoMo-based SIMs can be used, and that the IP phone application "LaLa Call" can be used free of charge.

As expected, there is only a flagship model, and the performance is significantly different from the Ponkotsu smartphones used so far.
In particular, the camera and sound functions are excellent, and they are excellent overall. Smartphones think Sony is No.1!

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