Introduction of chlorine removal shower head "AndeRis" with 360 ° rotating head and water stopping at hand and survey of various shower heads

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I was looking for a shower head that can switch between water stop and water flow with a hand switch, but among them, the super cheap and highly functional shower head "AndeRis" is Rakuten's shop. USEFUL-STORE I bought it for 2,900 yen.

This shower head supports microbubbles (0.3mm diameter bubbles = 300μm). Microbubbles easily enter pores of 0.3mm or larger (pore diameter is about 0.02mm to 0.55mm), removing accumulated dirt, sebum, sweat, and odors, leaving your skin feeling refreshed. In addition, the heat energy generated when the bubbles disappear gives a moisturizing and warm feeling.
It also has a built-in chlorine removal filter to protect the hair cuticle.

The minimum function I want in a shower head is not high-definition ultra-fine bubbles (= nanobubbles, bubbles with a diameter of less than 1 μm) like Mirable, but the direction of the head can be changed to stop water. It has a water flow mode switching function.

Ultra-fine bubble and fine bubble (bubbles with a diameter of less than 0.1 mm) shower heads are famous, such as Science "Mirable zero", ReFa "ReFa Fine Bubble S", Tanaka Kinzoku Seisakusho "Bollina Avanti", and Aramic "3D Salon". Nanobubble Shower", etc., and I was considering those models, but the cost would be around 20,000 to 50,000 yen, and there were many models that did not meet all of the above functions, so I bought an expensive model for the time being. I gave up and bought a cheap shower head instead.

After doing some research, I found that Amazon sells a fine bubble type shower head made in Japan (such as MIZSEI) for less than 10,000 yen, so you might want to try it.
But for the time being, I'd like to give AndeRis a try and use that as a starting point to come to some conclusions about updating the showerhead.
By the way, this model cannot change the direction of the head, but it is possible to switch the water flow mode (shower / mist).

In addition, although it exceeds 10,000 yen, aramic (Made in Japan), there is a series that can change the direction of the head with a fine bubble type as shown below. However, it seems that the water flow mode cannot be switched.
According to the manufacturer's instructions, regarding the stop water button, water hammer phenomenon It is said that it has a built-in safety valve mechanism that alleviates the pressure and prevents excessive water pressure.

In addition, the disadvantage of fine bubble showers, including Mirable, is that the water temperature and water pressure are generally lowered. In particular, ultra-fine bubbles (nanobubbles) have a high detergency, so when the bubbles enter the pores, you may feel a tingling sensation. It seems that even the moisturizing ingredients of the skin are washed off, and you may be worried about drying.

Also, because the mist is fine, there are some reviews that say that it feels cold on the skin when you actually use it. It is better to be selected above.

Now, let's talk about the good things about AndeRis.
The shower head can be rotated 360 degrees, and the chlorine removal function is also equipped, and the safety bubble function allows you to stop the water completely with the stop button at hand without damaging the hose or water heater.
The mist is normal mist (bubbles with a diameter of 0.3 mm), and although it does not reach fine bubbles or ultra-fine bubbles, the built-in filter removes chlorine, and air hybrid pressurization technology generates bubbles with purified water ultrafine water flow. Because it is a mechanism, you can shower without damaging your skin, and I think it is a reasonable shower head for beauty.
The nozzle part of this shower head uses LUV technology, and the manufacturer claims that it can save up to 70-80% of water.

Packages from AndeRis

I opened the package. As shown below, the shower head body (can be disassembled), chlorine removal filters (3 spares), adapters (4 types, usually unnecessary), O-rings (spare), filter mesh rubber (spare), water leak prevention rubber (usually Unnecessary), an instruction manual, and a cautionary note "Shower head maintenance required" were included.

AndeRis manual

AndeRis's instruction manual will be uploaded to the following gallery. It is recommended to maintain the shower head once a month and replace the filter once every three months. Also, it can be used without a filter.
3 spare filters are included, but if you write a review on Rakuten, you will get 5 filters and a 30-day extended warranty, so I wrote a review for the time being (later) , additional filters were mailed to me).

As a reference, it is recommended to replace the cartridge every 3 months for Mirable, but the material used is "polycarbonate", which has the highest level of durability among plastics, and unlike metal, water scale is used. Due to the characteristic that it is difficult to stick, the discharge port is difficult to clog, and maintenance is unnecessary.
So the weak point of AndeRis is that it requires regular maintenance?

shower head replacement

I will upload the state of the shower head replacement in the gallery below. If the hose is a normal standard, you can replace the shower head without an adapter. * For more information Instruction manual Please refer to.

The old shower head can be removed by turning it counterclockwise, but after removing it, insert the filter mesh rubber into the groove of the hose and screw the AndeRis shower head clockwise. My shower hose did not require the included leak tape.

About water supply types that cannot be installed

Actually, the faucet in my bathroom was the "2-handle shower mixer faucet" mentioned above, which does not have "stop" or "STOP" written on it.
Later, when I investigated this matter in detail, I found that this type of faucet does not have a "check valve", so if you suddenly press the stop button on the shower head, the sudden change in water pressure will cause a water hammer phenomenon. It seems that it may cause damage to water pipes and water heaters in the future.
Also, if you press the water stop button when both the hot water and cold water faucets are open, the water flow will flow back to the hot water side, and this case will also eventually damage the water heater.

It seems that this problem can be solved by installing a check valve on the faucet, but the plumbing in the bathroom is a type of "two-handle shower mixing system" that is embedded inside the bath unit and cannot be fitted with a check valve. Since it is a faucet, it was found that it was impossible to install a check valve.
Therefore, I decided to keep the water faucet always closed when using the shower and refrain from using the stop button frequently. 😥

In addition, AndeRis seems to have a "safety valve function" that alleviates the water hammer phenomenon on the water heater and prevents excessive water pressure, so you can press the stop button while the water faucet is always closed. It may not matter so much when using .

Commissioning AndeRis

After installing AndeRis, it's time for a trial run. In the video below, the water flow mode selector switch is changed from "default mode (rightmost lever)" ⇒ "soft mode (middle lever)" ⇒ "jet mode (leftmost lever)", and finally with the water stop lever Water has stopped.

There are three types of water flow modes as follows.

[Water flow mode switching]

  • Jet mode (leftmost lever)
    The strongest stream of water to cleanse the scalp
  • Default mode (rightmost lever)
    A stream of water that can wash a wide area at once
  • Soft mode (middle lever)
    The strongest stream of water to cleanse the scalp

Example experiment

AndeRis doesn't reach the specifications of fine bubble water flow, so I can't say anything, but for the time being, I drew a permanent marker on the back of my hand like I did in the commercial, and tried showering in soft mode.
Here are the results: (sorry it's not a video)

As a result, if you take a shower while rubbing it for a certain amount of time, the oily magic will disappear and your skin will feel moisturized!
Well, it's not as good as Mirable, but it seems that there is a certain amount of massage effect and cleansing effect due to the action of the bubbles.
Actually, the other day, the shower head was introduced on the TV program "Matsuko's unknown world", and I watched Matsuko-san demonstrate how to remove permanent marker.
After all, it seemed that it could not be removed without rubbing to some extent. So maybe that commercial is a hype.

As for the feel of the shower, although it's not a fine bubble, when the mode switch button is set to "massage/rain", bubbles are generated properly, so the feel was not bad.

If you press the hand stop button to stop the water, you can stop the water completely. In addition, you can adjust the amount of water by turning the stop button at hand.

By the way, it may be because the shower head I used before was light, but when using it,This shower head (weight 232g) felt very heavy.My shoulders got stiff after one shower, so it may be difficult for women with weak muscles to use this kind of shower head.

As shown in the table below, when I checked the weight of each manufacturer's fine bubble shower head, I found that they were all heavy except for Aramic. Therefore, AndeRis is not particularly heavy, but rather seems to be in the light category.
When purchasing a shower head, this weight issue turned out to be a blind spot and an important point of attention!
Millable Zero weighs 350g. Through his AndeRis trial experience this time, the possibility of purchasing Mirable Zero has become zero for me. 😓

AndeRis Mirable ZeroreferrerBolinaHibu PlusaramicWHAT?Nanofemilus
body weight

By the way, there are a lot of imitations and counterfeit products such as Mirable Plus/Zero on the market, so please be careful if you are considering purchasing them!
Basically, it seems that the manufacturer's warranty will not be given for purchases from Mirable's official website or sales sites other than official distributors. Cheap on mail order sites such as Amazon, Yahoo! Shopping, Rakuten, etc. Everything sold for 20,000 yen is fake Is.

If you want many functions such as chlorine removal and head rotation, the weight of the shower head will inevitably increase. I think there are options such as shower heads (170g/185g/163g).

Specifications of AndeRis

As a final summary, here are the AndeRis specs: (Reprinted from the mail order site, added and corrected)

Color: Silver
Size : Body size : Total length: 25cm
Weight: About 232g
Material: 304 stainless steel ABS plating

[Water flow switching]Freely adjustable water pressure. You can choose soft water flow or hard water flow according to your preference and purpose. Just by moving the lever, you can quickly and easily switch the water flow. It is more comfortable and softer than ordinary water, and can be used with comfortable water momentum on upper floors of facilities with low water pressure. It is designed to smoothly send out a fine stream of water. You can save not only on your water bill, but also on your electricity and gas bills at the same time.

[Hand stop] There is a button in the middle to turn the water flow on and off. With a switch at hand, you can switch between stopping water and passing water with one touch. It is convenient when you want to stop the flow of water for a short time. In addition, the safety valve function prevents excessive water pressure when the water is stopped, so you can stop safely.

【Multi-layer filtration】Effectively blocks microorganisms, impurities, rust particles and colloids.

[3 levels of water volume adjustment mode] As a new function, high performance has been obtained in "Jet ● Massage ● Rain". You can easily switch between modes by pressing the mode switch button. A luxurious spa-like soft, comfortable shower on the skin. Safe for children to use!
This is a new type of shower that allows you to point where you want to shower or where you want to wash, instead of aligning your body with the shower. It can be used in a variety of situations, such as when you want to use the shower while sitting, when small children use it, when bathing nursing care, or when washing pets.

[360° rotating head]Freely adjustable angle A shower head that rotates up and down 60 degrees and left and right 360 degrees. The direction of the shower can be adjusted freely and can be kept fixed and hands free.

[Jet function]Removable and easy to clean. Strong pressurization, can flush toilet and bathroom corners cleanly. It becomes a hose just by turning the head part and the main body, and it has two roles in one.

[Special sprinkler plate]Unlike conventional shower heads, the latest version is an enhanced shower head that has 350 water outlet holes with a radius of 0.3 mm (microbubbles) to reduce the air convection area and achieve excellent pressure boosting and water saving effects. To do. The nozzle part of the shower head uses water-saving LUV technology, which can save about 70% of water. The stream is fine and wide.

【High quality shower head】Thick ABS special material. PVD mirror with 9-level diamond coating special process Corrosion resistance/Drop resistance/Durability Even after long time use, the color is still very bright.

[Shower head can be disassembled]Each part of the shower bed can be disassembled and washed, which is very convenient and easy to install. Using the shower for a long time inevitably accumulates dirt, so making it a detachable product improves maintainability, ensures clean water quality, and extends the life of the shower.

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