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update Last updated: December 16, 2023 at 11:01 PM

This site supports PCs and smartphones as standard.
However, surprisingly many people still use the mobile terminal, so it's not easy to plug-in "ktai-style" with the introduction of , it has been made to be able to display on mobile devices.

In the case of mobile mode, it is a simplified display, and it is a pity that it cannot be displayed in full form. Shall we? 😓

The title image is a FireMobileSimulator screen that simulates the mobile browser of the three major Japanese carriers, DoCoMo/Au/SoftBank.

There are many parts that cannot be displayed, so you might want to modify the theme and plug-ins in the future.

* Added June 3
👇 For the time being, the fix is ​​complete. For mobile screens, the following "Goo mobile site viewer" seems to be the most appropriate. Actually, it was a little difficult to change the settings of "WP Super Cache".

* June 8th Postscript
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*2019.04.16 update
As for this function, the plug-in "ktai-style" does not support PHP version 7.0/7.1, so we have decided to stop this service from today along with the server upgrade. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to Garake users. 🙏

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