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update Last updated: December 16, 2023 at 10:45 PM

As I've already reported in the following article, news on this website and gallery posts (custom posts) can now be edited with the new editor "Gutenberg", so for blog, news, gallery articles, Made extensive corrections.
At Gutenberg, some articles were difficult to fix, but I think the design was much cleaner than before.

In addition, the following web design has also been changed.

📌 Added link to social button in RSS feed widget
 In addition to RSS post buttons, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram link buttons have been added.

📌 Affiliate banner display
It's still a trial operation, but I installed an affiliate plug-in and automatically displayed an ad banner at the back of the article.

2020.06.12 Append
This site has passed the Google Adsense review, so Google Adsense automatic advertising has been enabled.

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