Improved defects in translation widget "Transposh"

update Last updated: December 16, 2023 at 10:46 PM

Today, WordPress plugin "Transposh" with chat support via Facebook with the author of " has been slightly improved to the problem of Japanese translation that has not worked so far.
Unfortunately, compared to the Google Translate widget, the translation accuracy is poor, transposh translation proxy server response is slow and i have a problem that a considerable time lag occurs until the translation completion, the automatic translation correction function (e.g., I think that there is a manual correction to "Senri" how to read , and the widget of Transposh will still remain because it supports the language switching launcher of the home brew.

For information on how to eliminate WordPress Support Forum and WordPress multi-lingual site recommended plugins all commentary! have described.

This measure gives priority to the automatic translation engine, so when it comes to automated translation, it may be a little less accurate than Google. It is possible to switch each article to correct mode and modify all sentences by google automatic translation or manual input, but it takes a lot of time and effort, so i would like to maintain the status quo for the time being. Also, if there is an HTML tag in the context, it is still not translated correctly. I hope it will be improved in the next version up.

In the translation widget, it is also possible to select google automatic translation of "Prisna GWT", if you have selected this widget, it does not support the language switching launcher to each application.
The language switching launcher only works if transposh is selected.

2020.3.29 Update
Earlier, i was contacted by the author of Transposh and it is now possible to translate google in the priority setting of the translation engine, once, I changed Google to the top in the translation engine settings of Transposh and looked at it. After that, google still preferred and because the behavior was unstable as before, I returned to Bing again.

2020.3.30 update
Transposh's behavior is too unstable and bot attacks from SPAM sites, so it's also a factor that makes the server heavier, so today, transposh support language is changed only in Japanese and English, The database of manual translations accumulated so far (****_translations) has been emptied.
In the future, Transposh will change to just a language switcher position to other apps.

2023.04.03 Added
Tranposh is available from since version github Since we have moved our development platform to , we can no longer install from However, you can download and install the plugin from Transposh official website.
As of April 3, 2023, the latest version of Transposh is, and the problems so far have been improved, and the operation is stable. See the article below for details.

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