Google Translation of PrisnaGWT widgets no longer works on Microsoft Edge and IE

update Last updated: December 16, 2023 at 10:44 PM

We have confirmed that the Google Translate widget "Prisna GWT (Google Web Translator)" installed on this website does not work with Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

This may be due to Microsoft's announcement that it will deprecate the traditional Microsoft Edge browser, as shown in the following article.

🔗 Microsoft launches chromium version of Edge

Actually, this problem is solved by installing the new Chromium Edge browser.
Edge for Chromium is automatically distributed on Windows 10, but you can also install it manually from the link below.

🔗 Welcome to the new Microsoft Edge

If you access this website with the new Edge browser upgraded from the old Edge browser, you can see that the Prisna GWT widget has restored the Google Translate function as shown below.
Regarding IE, it seems that Microsoft's support has already been discontinued, and it seems that the Google Translate widget can no longer be used in IE.

なお、翻訳ウィジェットの「Prisna GWT」は、Google の機械翻訳ですが、もう一つのウィジェット「Transposh」は、Bing 翻訳 & Google 翻訳ならびに人間による翻訳の結果が表示されます。

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