Perfume "Nile Garden"

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My favorite perfume for many years is the Hermes Amazon (launched in 1974).
However, I wanted to flirt a bit, so I got a recent Hermes perfume "Nile Garden" (released in 2005) from Yahoo Auction.

Hermes perfume is different from Dior's perfume, so I think Japanese people prefer subtle perfumes.
When I put it on, it certainly had an elegant fragrance reminiscent of the Nile meadow.
Not bad at all.

But after all, I like the fascinating Woody Floral scent of Amazon.

My first encounter with Amazon was a gift from the president of a cosmetics company during the show pub era.
According to him, "Amazon is a perfume for ladies, but it is a recommended perfume that can also be used for unisex."

The other perfume I tried is Alandron's SAMOURAI below.

I think both SAMOURAI for men and SAMOURAI WOMAN for ladies are fascinating fragrances.

The perfumes I have used in the past are:

Of these, I like “CHANEL No.19” best. It is a dignified scent like Chanel.

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