Vaccine improves sequelae?! From "NHK Special New Corona: Deciphering All Papers 2 - Approaching with AI: The Road to the End"

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Even after three months, the aftereffects of corona cannot be cured easily.

*Please refer to the blog below for details.

My aftereffects are mainly lingering coughs. There are still asthma-like symptoms. It is okay when wearing a mask, eating and drinking, or moistening the throat with throat candy, but when you eat an irritable object (something that stimulates the tonsils) or lie down at bedtime, when your throat dries, you cough violently. I feel that cytokine storms are appearing or that the immune response is excessive.
Around mid-April, the lymph nodes in my neck swelled, but as a result of medical examination and treatment at a nearby otolaryngology clinic, the swelling of the lymph nodes was cured. Unfortunately, however, asthma symptoms have not been completely cured.

Therefore, the other day, I was examined at the following clinic (Kajigaya Ekimae Clinic) that accepts online medical care for corona sequelae.

*Reference: New Corona Sequelae Outpatient Follow-up

As expected, according to the doctor in charge of the examination, there is currently no treatment to fundamentally cure the coronal sequelae, and it seems to be a coping therapy to the last.
As a result of online medical care, a strong type of cough-calming drug (astomin) prescribed in Hiratsuka's otolaryngology department and inhaled steroid drugs (such as AdAir 250) to treat bronchial asthma previously prescribed in Yokohama Internal Medicine have been prescribed. When the time came, there were some people who would heal sooner or later, so I was going to observe the progress for a while.

The prescription information was sent from the clinic to a pharmacy in the neighborhood, and I was able to receive it immediately.
This time, the following medicines were prescribed.

・Kafukode N combination ⇒ relieves cold symptoms such as cough and fever and cough of bronchitis
・ Transamine tablets 500 mg (= tranexamic acid tablets) ⇒ reduce swelling and pain such as bleeding and tonsils
・ Mucorban tablets 15 mg (= amploxol hydrochloride tablets) ⇒ to make phlegm slip better and phlegm easier to put out
・ Lerbea 100 Erypta 30 ⇒ inhalation medicine to prevent asthma attacks

2021.05.17 Added
Two weeks have passed since I took the above medication, but it seems that the medication has worked and the asthma symptoms have subsided significantly. Sensoryally, asthma symptoms are suppressed by about 70%. So, today, through the online medical treatment of Kajigaya Ekimae Clinic, I was prescribed a medicine for January. After the online medical treatment, I was able to receive the medicine from a pharmacy in the neighborhood within the day.
I hope that sooner or later, you will not have to take medicine.

Although it is important to take sufficient measures to prevent infection with corona, such as ventilation, masks, hand washing, and longing, the risk of infection inevitably increases in the world of eating and drinking, such as customer service to an unspecified number of customers.
There is an opinion that corona is okay because it is just a cold, but what makes corona clearly different from a cold is that the symptoms are about 10 times more difficult than a cold (to a certain extent, each person), if it becomes severe, it will lead to death, and the sequelae will be prolonged.
Therefore, although corona vaccination is in a hurry, the supply of vaccines and the system of vaccination are still stagnant in Japan, so for the time being, it is urgent to control the spread of infection and establish a treatment system.

Under such a fact, the following program that was broadcasted on April 18 on NHK Special "New Corona Decoding All Papers 2 - Approaching with AI The Road to the End -This time, it is especially <Vaccine improves sequelae?! Scientists also have unexpected effects> would like to focus on this.
The following chapters are edited and re-edited documents from the following programs. For more information, see the linked article.

< aftereffects improved with the vaccine?! Scientists also have an unexpected >

This program is based on ai (artificial intelligence) reading more than 250,000 "all papers" related to covid-19, which have been published one after another by researchers around the world developed by NHK, and reported the results of analysis by decoding all the papers.

Some of the papers are still being reviewed before they are officially published, and the top five papers are being reviewed to see if they are...

In 4th place, a paper on "vaccines and sequelae" appears.
The paper reports changes in symptoms after a person with sequelae is vaccinated. According to the study, 15.6% of those who did not get the vaccine had improved symptoms. On the other hand, 23.4% of the people who received the vaccine were higher.
In addition, on the Internet, it is said that many real experiences are written that "the aftereffects of the new corona became lighter after the vaccine was hit". For example, one woman said, "Five days after hitting the vaccine, the symptoms of malaise and head haze disappeared so that the haze cleared. I never dreamed that getting vaccinated would improve my aftereffects."

Why does vaccine improve the aftereffects? One hypothesis is shown. Infection with the new corona may leave trace amounts of the virus and its remnants in the body after recovery, causing the aftereffects. It is a hypothesis that when vaccinated there, activated immune cells (killer T cells) wipe them out and improve the sequelae.

That's what Aiko Iwasaki of Yale University, a global immunologist, thinks.
"I thought I had to study this. Once we understand how vaccines lead to improvement of sequelae, I think we can gain an understanding that directly leads to treatment methods and diagnostic methods. I think it's very important to be the first to give vaccines to people around the world."

As mentioned above, the mechanism of coronal sequelae is still an undiscrysposed field at the research stage, but the report that an approach to solve it by inoculation of corona vaccine has also been shown is good news for those suffering from coronal sequelae.

2021.08.08 Added

I finished two doses of the Corona vaccine and my symptoms improved!

Thanks to you, I was able to finish two vaccinations for the new coronavirus vaccine (made by Pfizer).
Pfizer's vaccine is said to be effective 12 days after the first vaccination.
And the effect from the first inoculation to the second inoculation is 52.4%, and the effect after 7 days after receiving the second inoculation is 94.8%.

At the time of writing, this is the 10th day since the second vaccination.
Therefore, I would like to report additionally in this article about the corona sequelae that I am suffering from.

Asthma symptoms such as cough are a concern, but after the second vaccination, I feel that the symptoms have been reduced day by day.
Until now, if you do not always include "throat candy" etc. in your mouth, you will cough, but now, most of the time, throat candy is not needed.

Apparently, the symptoms have clearly improved compared to before vaccination.

In the future, it will be follow-up, but after consulting with kajigaya station front clinic, we plan to find the time to discontinue medication.

2021.08.28 Added
The aftereffects were almost completely cured, so I stopped taking medication.

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