Visit the rose garden and rose flower bed in Hiratsuka City General Park (2023.5.18)

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On Mother's Day (May 14th) the other day, I bought two pots of carnations at a flower shop, placed one in the living room, and offered the other to my mother's altar.
I think it was probably around 2000, but I suddenly remembered that I went to visit the rose garden in Hiratsuka City General Park with my late mother.
Roses are at their best from May to early June. Therefore, I decided to visit the rose garden after a long absence on the day when the shop was closed (Thursday, the 18th). I think the petals will probably be scattered by next week, so I thought it would be better to do it as soon as possible.

Although it has peaked out a little, in this article, I will publish a gallery of beautifully blooming roses at the rose garden in Hiratsuka City General Park!

About Hiratsuka City General Park

Hiratsuka City General Park has many facilities such as a soccer field, Hiratsuka stadium, tennis court, outdoor stage, petting zoo, wild bird sanctuary, restaurant, rose garden, rose flower bed, etc. It is managed and operated. The photo above is an information board installed at the central entrance of Hiratsuka City General Park.

This time, we visited two places: the rose garden and the rose flower bed. Click here for facility details [multi-purpose park] The flowering situation of rose | Hiratsuka-shi

Visit to the rose garden

First, we visited the rose garden. The rose garden is on the left after entering from the central entrance.
The flowers were slightly withered and scattered, but it was still fine.
It seems that the flowers bloomed early this year, so if possible, I think it would have been even fresher and more beautiful if I had come two weeks earlier.

As far as I can tell, in the gallery below, I will also add the rose variety in the caption. Please enjoy the beauty of gorgeous and elegant roses! 😉

Visit the rose flower bed

Next, we visited the rose flower bed. The rose flower bed is in front of the stadium entrance.
The roses are beautiful, but the azaleas planted in the flower bed in the parking lot were also in full bloom.

In the following galleries, I will add the varieties of roses in the captions to the extent possible, as well as the rose garden.

Rose flower bed in front of Hiratsuka City Hall and azaleas in Hiratsuka City General Park

The gallery below shows the rose flower bed in front of Hiratsuka City Hall and the azaleas in Hiratsuka City General Park.

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