[Must-see] Starting a new NISA to prepare for retirement...A thorough explanation of the steps from opening an account at SBI Securities to starting operation with actual examples!

We will thoroughly explain the steps from opening an account to starting operations at SBI Securities using actual examples. We will also answer questions such as whether the new NISA is recommended for preparing for retirement and when you should start using it.

Yahoo! Get Japan Card

結局、廃業に備えて、Yahoo! Japanカードも入手しておきました。 Yahoo! Japanカードは、Tカードとしても利用できる年会費無料のカードです。 仮に審査に不合格しても、Tポイントの3000を取得できるので、応募して損は無いと思います。 私はVISAを申し込みましたが、電子マネーnanacoへのチャージに使われる方は、JCBの方をお勧めします。 私の場合、旧カードのYahoo! Japan Suicaカードも持っていたからでしょうか、審査は瞬時に通りました。 3月1日に申し込んでから、3月5... Read more »

Get A Big Camera Suica Card

I learned that the "Yahoo! Japan Card Suica" that I use for Mobile Suica will be discontinued, so I was looking for an alternative Suica card. Yahoo! Japan arbitrarily abolishes and renews the card many times without any notice to the user, so the card is garbage. As a result of examination, we decided to obtain BicCamera Suica card with virtually no annual fee, which is rare among view cards. The features of the BicCamera Suica card are as follows. It is a popular card because it offers so many benefits. I'd love to... Read more »