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update Last updated: February 27, 2016 at 7:20 AM

I learned that the "Yahoo! Japan Card Suica" that I use for Mobile Suica will be discontinued, so I was looking for an alternative Suica card.

Yahoo! Japan arbitrarily abolishes and renews the card many times without any notice to the user, so the card is garbage.

As a result of examination, we decided to obtain BicCamera Suica card with virtually no annual fee, which is rare among view cards.

The features of the BicCamera Suica card are as follows. It is a popular card because it offers so many benefits. This is the card you want to have.

The type of Suica is Type1, and the view card issued by The View Card Co., Ltd.
(Type2 is a view card issued by a partner company)

・ Points are granted to Viewcards, Inc. of Viewcard Co., Ltd., with a point grant rate of 1.5% (Type 2 is a partner point, and the grant rate is 0.5% or less)

・ Point shopping rate up to 11.5% when shopping with BicCamera
・ The annual membership fee is virtually free!
・Bic points can be exchanged for charging Suica!
Domestic and overseas travel insurance
・Compensation from the credit card to the balance of charge to Suica!
・The use of web item ization service accumulates points equivalent to 600 yen per year.

However, if I closed the shop, I could not make a card, so I immediately applied for it online. (It is necessary to send identity verification documents and account transfer request form after entering the basic information.)

The difficulty of judging the view card is intermediate class (deviation value 55), and because the campaign is generous, the judgment will be firm.
I was very worried that I might have failed the card examination and sent a letter of misfortune (notification of the examination failure), but after the 10-day examination period, I received the card safely. (* ^-^ *)

However, after that, the closure of business is awaited ... (--)

* Reference ⇒ Features of the BicCamera Suica card

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