Participated in the 26th Shonan Hiratsuka Go Festival's 1,000-sided competition and challenged himself to a game of instructional Go against Yuto Tajiri, 5th Dan.

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The 26th Shonan Hiratsuka Go Festival 1000-sided Go Festival was held on October 8, 2023 (Sunday) near Beniya Pearl Road in Hiratsuka City.
This event is one of the largest multi-player Go tournaments in Japan, inviting over 70 professional Go players, and allows participants from all over the country to play against professional Go players.

The annual Shonan Hiratsuka Go Festival has been forced to downsize or cancel events in recent years due to the effects of the coronavirus and typhoons, so this will be the first time in five years that a 1,000-game tournament will be held.

Entrance of participating players (video)

On October 8, 2023, the participating players (77 players), led by Shonan Hiratsuka Orihime, entered the "26th Shonan Hiratsuka Go Festival 1000-sided Tournament" held at Hiratsuka Beniyacho Pearl Road.

Opening speech by Hiratsuka Mayor Katsuhiro Ochiai (video)

Hiratsuka Mayor Katsuhiro Ochiai's opening address at the ``26th Shonan Hiratsuka Go Festival 1000-game Tournament'' held at Hiratsuka Pearl Road on October 8, 2023.

Greetings from Nihon Ki-in Chairman Satoru Kobayashi 9-dan (video)

This is a speech from Nippon Ki-in board president Satoru Kobayashi 9-dan at the ``26th Shonan Hiratsuka Go Festival 1000-sided Tournament'' held at Hiratsuka Pearl Road on October 8, 2023.

Scene from the venue

The venue for the 1000-men Uchi competition will be uploaded to the gallery below.

Purchasing tickets and playing Go instruction with Yuto Tajiri, 5th Dan

I bought my second ticket on the same day. My seat was assigned to Yuto Tajiri, 5th Dan. I found out later that I had actually been following Tajiri-sensei on my Twitter (X) for some time lol.

Game records and explanations

For the match against Yuto Tajiri, 5th Dan, I asked my 3 children to split their playing time. The game record is as follows.

Play back

It was a battle against the large oblique joseki in the upper left corner, but it was a mistake to hasten Black's 16. I should have flown to Black 22 as per the standard. He said that he made the right choice to throw away the three black children who had become heavier. Black's roll of 52 should simply fly to Black's 54. Black 64 is skillful. Black's 146 is slightly better if White holds it at 147 (if you play like that, the situation will be delicate).

When the final figure was calculated using the Windows Go software "Igo Campus" equipped with the AI ​​KataGO, as shown below, at this stage it was determined that White won by 3 moves.

I could have waited until the end and made it, but on the day of the game, I was mentally depressed due to personal matters, and on the board, I was tired of making mistakes in large oblique stones and heavy moves at the top and center (including the wait for black 134). , so I saw White's 187 tobi and decided to concede to Black.
At the very least, I was relieved that Takemiya-sensei told me, ``You're strong,'' and Tajiri-sensei said, ``I'm hitting well.'' Thank you very much for today 🙇‍♀️

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