Fight against hay fever with Allershut and fexofenadine tablets

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Hay fever is said to affect one in two Japanese people. For me, who has allergies, every year from February to April is a very painful season.
The graph below is a quote from the Taisho Pharmaceutical website, but it is a pollen calendar for the Kanto area.
According to this calendar, it seems that cedar pollen is still flying in early April at the time of writing this blog. Apparently, I may be annoyed by hay fever until about the end of May.

Pollen calendar (Kanto area)
Pollen calendar (Kanto area)

The Kanto area, which includes Tokyo, has an image of being lined with buildings and lacking nature. A large amount of cedar pollen flies from the Tama area to Tokyo's 23 wards, and the peak of scattering continues for about three months from February to April. There is also a lot of cypress pollen, and the peak here is from March to mid-May, which lasts longer than other areas. The Kanto area has more grass pollen than other areas, and it scatters for a long period of time.

If you neglect to deal with hay fever, the symptoms may get worse, so I take the following measures.

  • Taking fexofenadine tablets
    It is a histamine H1 receptor antagonist represented by the product name "Allegra" and is used for itching associated with allergic rhinitis, hives, and skin diseases.
  • Prescription in Allershut
    A special cream is attached near the entrance of the nose to block pollen with the nose.
  • Sealing the ventilation opening
    In order to prevent pollen from entering the room, the aluminum sashes and wall ventilation openings are sealed with filters.
  • wearing a mask
    After the corona vortex has passed, the obligation to wear a mask outside has been lifted, but in the season of hay fever, it is a good idea to wear a mask when you go out.

The details of each workaround are as follows.

Taking fexofenadine tablets

fexofenadine tablets (FexofenadineHydrochloride) is a histamine H1 receptor antagonist represented by the product name "Allegra", and for adults (15 years and older), it should be taken twice a day. The photo shown is a generic drug, and the active ingredient is the same as Allegra.
In addition, I have also tried Alesion (active ingredient epinastine hydrochloride), a second-generation antihistamine that can be taken once a day, but it did not have much effect on me. Since then, I have opted for Allegra.
Allegra-type fexofenadine tablets are said to make you less sleepy, but in fact, taking them makes you feel a little sleepy as a side effect.

Prescription in Allershut

Allershut is a product name jointly developed by Fumakilla and Germany's DR.THEISS.
A special cream is attached near the entrance of the nose to block pollen with the nose.
The high-density filter effect of the cream prevents inhalation of pollen, PM2.5, yellow sand, and house dust.
This cream (ingredients: refined long-chain hydrocarbons) contains no fragrances, colorings, or preservatives, and is harmless to the body, so you can use it with confidence.
To use, take about 1 cm of the cream on each nostril (up to about 1 cm from the entrance) with a cotton swab or fingertip and apply evenly.
The effect lasts for about 4 hours, but in my case, I use it when the symptoms of hay fever are severe and I can't sleep.

Sealing ventilation openings in aluminum sash windows and ventilation openings in walls

In my condominium, to prevent pollen, PM2.5, yellow sand, and sea sand (because it is located in the Shonan area) from entering the room, I sealed the aluminum sash ventilation openings and wall ventilation openings with filters.
After leaving the filter for about 3 months, it seems that the filter has become very dirty with sea sand, etc., so I plan to replace it again.
In addition, it is the most important thing to be careful about, and it is not easy to do, but it seems that it is best to remove pollen from clothes and hair well before opening the entrance door when you come home before entering the room.

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