I made a cold pasta-style somen with luxurious sea urchin cream topped with a hot spring egg and crab kamaboko!

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For a late-night snack, I made cold pasta-style somen noodles topped with a luxurious sea urchin cream, hot spring egg, and crab kamaboko.
Originally, it would be made with pasta, but since the heat is still very strong, I decided to make it cold using somen as a base.

The materials are as follows.

  • Ibono thread (special grade, 1.5 to 2 bundles)...It is OK whether you use special grade or not.
  • Luxury sea urchin cream (Pietro): You can also use the "uni cream sauce" sold at 100 yen shops.
  • Onsen tamago … If you find it troublesome to make, you can use commercially available products.
  • Crab kamaboko … even cheap ones are OK
  • Perilla leaves… Basil is also OK
  • Shredded Nori Laver

The most common mistake in this dish is the hot spring egg. I had failed many times in the past, so this time I used a thermometer (I used a deep fryer thermometer) and cooked it thoroughly.

Cooking hot spring eggs

It is a reference from the net, but I cooked it in the following procedure.

  1. Fill a pot with water until the eggs are fully submerged, and boil the water until it reaches 85°.
  2. Turn off the heat, add the eggs to the pot, cover and leave for 10 minutes.
  3. After 10 minutes, remove the eggs and cool them in cold water.

Cooking luxurious sea urchin cream and hot spring egg somen noodles

The recipe is as follows.

  • Chill the luxurious sea urchin cream sauce, crab kamaboko, and hot spring eggs in the refrigerator.
  • Boil Ibonoito (2 bundles) for 1.5 to 2 minutes, then cool with cold water.
  • Place the Ibonoito on a plate
  • Topped with perilla and crab kamaboko
  • Luxurious sea urchin cream saucehang
  • To finish, top with chopped seaweed and hot spring egg.

This time, I put 1.5 bundles of Ibo no Ito on a plate and ate the remaining 0.5 bundles with somen soup, but with the amount of luxurious cream sauce, about 2 bundles might have been just right.
That's all, it was very delicious, so why not give it a try too! ?

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