"DAM Denmoku Miniature Collection-Showa, Heisei, Reiwa-", which was completed with the Gacha Gacha of Don Quixote in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, has been released

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At the gacha gacha installed in Don Quixote in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, we will introduce the "DAM Denmoku Miniature Collection ~Showa, Heisei, Reiwa~" that I collected every week from March 2022.
At this time of year, the shop was often free and I often finished early, so once a week I had breakfast at a restaurant in Kabukicho and played gacha gacha before going home.
And this collection was successfully completed!

Kabukicho gacha gacha

This is the gacha gacha of Kabukicho Don Quixote. It says "change the contents every week", so if you buy it every week on a fixed day, I think you can complete the series.

DAM Denmoku Miniature Collection ~Showa, Heisei, Reiwa~

This is the whole story of the completed "DAM Denmoku Miniature Collection ~Showa, Heisei, Reiwa~". The unit price is 300 yen (tax included) per piece.

The outline of this product is as follows.

This product is a capsule toy exclusive item in the "DAM" series of commercial communication karaoke of Dai-ichi Kosho Co., Ltd. that is a miniature product with a total height of about 30 mm centered on "Denmoku", which is indispensable when selecting music and using contents.
From the table of contents book that is indispensable for the karaoke scenery of the Showa era to the latest Denmoku that appeared in 2019, everyone has used it at least once, and everyone has seen it at least once... That Denmoku became a capsule toy!
DAM Denmoku Miniature Collection ~Showa, Heisei, Reiwa~ Released sequentially at capsule vending machines nationwide from the 5th week of December 2021! Lineup of carefully selected 6 kinds.
A microphone is set in a miniature size denmoku that fits in the palm of your hand, and it is a fun item that you will want to show to someone unexpectedly.

Bandai Official Website | DAM Denmoku Miniature Collection ~Showa, Heisei, Reiwa~ | Product Information (bandai.co.jp)

The miniature Denmoku released this time is "01 SmartDAM Ai (TM30)", "02 SmartDAM (Tm10)" and "03 Denmoku Karaoke Rique Commanda PM-500zB", and the retired models are "04 Denmoku iDS (CM2000)" and "05 Denmoku Karaoke Rique Escomanda PM-100-DK".
The "06 DAM Table of Contents Book" has also been published, so it will be treated as a retirement.

For reference, the correspondence table between the active model body of DAM karaoke and Denmoku is as follows.

Let's take a look at each product in turn. The description is based on the included pamphlet.

01 SmartDAM Ai (TM30) – 2019
+ Mike (Harmony Pink)

In addition to the top screen that has evolved to be easy to operate, it is a Reiwa model suitable for the catch of "This Denmoku has Ai", such as equipped with functions that faithfully reproduce the feeling of turning the paper pages of the table of contents.

02 SmartDAM (TM10) – 2012
+ Mike (Harmony Pink)

A large LCD touch panel is adopted. Incorporating Smurphone technology, smooth and dynamic operability is realized. A new generation Denmoku proposed a new possibility of karaoke.

03 Denmoku Karaoke Request Commander (PM500zB) – 2013
+ Microphone (Harmony White)

A version upgrade model that follows the flow of the PM100-DK. The liquid crystal has changed from monochrome to color. It is light and easy to use, and if you like karaoke, you have a classic model of Denmoku that you have picked up at least once.

04 Denmoku iDS (CM2000) – 2010
+ Mike Harmony White)

Login with contactless IC card. An ambitious model that actively incorporated various technologies and functions that were attracting attention in the world at the time, such as handwriting search.

05 Denmoku Karaoke Request Commander (PM100-DK) – 2002
+ Microphone (Black)

It is the debut model of the "Denmoku" series. Instead of a paper table of contents book, an electronic (like) table of contents book →named Denmoku. We were among the first to adopt touch panel operation, and completely renewed the karaoke scenery at that time when flipping through books.

06 DAM Table of Contents – 1994
+ Microphone (Black)

In the DAM series, a booklet with karaoke song selection numbers is called a "table of contents book". It is also a symbol of the karaoke scene of the Showa era. The publication of the Table of Contents has now ended.

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