I bought an iron takoyaki on Amazon, so I tried takoyaki for the first time!

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Today, the shop was temporarily closed due to the bad health of the popcorn brood mom, so I decided to make takoyaki at home using the "takoyaki set" that I had purchased from Amazon.
By the way, takoyaki will be your first challenge, so I will try cooking it with the intention of failure.

About Takoyaki Set

The "takoyaki set" purchased from Amazon is as follows, Ishigaki Sangyo's takoyaki (made of iron castings, 16 holes, for gas fire) ... 1,145 yen, takoyaki pick ... 245 yen, oil drawing set ... It is 371 yen.

The takoyaki was made of iron and had a feeling of weight, and it was a very good thing for the price. Since it is not Teflon processing, it takes a knack for handling, but it seems that you can make a full-fledged yahuraki takoyaki with this.

On the back of the takoyaki bowl, there was a description of how to use and how to make takoyaki, so I will make it according to this.

Amazon.co.jp : Ishigaki Sangyo Iron Castings Takoyaki 16 holes Black Length 20× Width 20× Height 3.5cm Gas fire Compatible 3965 : Home & Kitchen


This time, as ingredients for takoyaki, we prepared boiled octopus, bamboo kama, and green onions.

For powder, I put commercially available takoyaki flour in a bowl with 1 egg, miso sauce, sake, and a little broth, beat it in water and transferred it to a major cup.
With the capacity of this takoyaki, I think that maybe 280cc is just the right amount.

Cooking Takoyaki

The takoyaki was used after being used in advance with empty kishi oil and allowed to cool once.

When the preparation is ready, start cooking immediately in the following order.


For finishing, I used a cooking brush to apply the sauce and sprinkle with blue glue. I think that you can add mayonnaise and shaved knots if you like.

It reminds me of the memory of watching the shop grill takoyaki, and it seems that I could do it if I did it 😓 somehow.

For my first attempt, it was a decent performance! 🎉

2022.06.29 Update
As I found out when I made it, the takoyaki pick is inconvenient if there are no two, so I ordered the following stainless steel takoyaki pick from Amazon for 2 pieces at a later date.

Amazon| Heihei Freze Cookware Takoyaki Pick Ajido Stainless Steel Made Japan AD-547| Other Cookware Online Shopping

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