Frank Miura

update Last updated: November 20, 2023 at 6:23 PM

Finally, I bought that famous parody watch "Frank Miura" from Yafuok.
The purchased product is the collaboration model of the following New Unit 4 (kai) "Frank Miura × Residential Environment, First Class Architect Office".

The size is bigger than I thought and has a presence. Compare the size with fendi clock in the picture below.

I bought a second-hand article of the state of almost new article for 2000 yen from Yafuoku, but the warranty book sticks neatly as follows.
The contents written on the warranty book are also uke (laughs)

  • Because everything is made by hand, please think that these are all within the acceptable range though some scratches, foreign matter, fingerprints, and rare lye hair are mixed on the exterior.
  • It is not put at all in the high temperature of 30 degrees or more.
  • If the delay or progress of the day is large ⇒ Please adjust the time every day referring to the radio clock.
  • It is all self-responsibility even if it breaks down by contacting the wall and the door only a little when it drops from the height of more than two centimeters.
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