Replace broken router of DAM karaoke (MR104DV2 → RT107eDK)

update Last updated: May 28, 2020 at 2:30 AM

The karaoke DAM router "DAM-MR104DV2" (made by OMRON) has passed away due to the heat wave in August.

If the communication between the karaoke body (BB mode connection) and the router is interrupted, not only will the delivery of new songs stop, but after 30 days, the body will automatically lock and the karaoke equipment will be unusable. I will.
Until February 2010, even if it was locked, you could play it if you waited 2 minutes, but the program was changed in the subsequent distribution, and you can no longer play karaoke from the locked machine.
In the past, some companies had unlocked this lock illegally and sold karaoke equipment, but recently police seemed to be completely obscured by the harsher police.
The following link is the caught case.
Communication karaoke equipment was illegally remodeled and sold, and arrested for violating the Unfair Competition Prevention Law [Litigation] Source: 2014/05/28 (Wed)

It seems that some enthusiasts use EPROM, BIOS, HDD password etc. on the motherboard, rewrite the contents of EPROM to modify it, unlock and use it, but this is obviously Please be aware that it is a violation of copyright law.

By the way, it seems that most of the snack moms have leased karaoke equipment and paid high lease fees of around 50,000 yen per month.
However, in our shop, the karaoke fee rises little and there is no such money. (T.T)
Therefore, as a countermeasure, we purchase used karaoke equipment at Yahoo auctions and build a system and maintain the equipment without the help of a trader.
Therefore, karaoke can be used only by paying the communication fee of 12,000 yen per month to the agent of Daiichi Kosho. (If it is a direct contract with Daiichi Kosho, the minimum communication fee alone will be charged about 17,000 yen per month, and a three-year contract will be required.)
It is good that the communication charges are cheap, but instead, because it is a non-support contract, if the equipment fails, you need to cure it yourself. (__;)

Router that has been broken "DAM-MR104DV2", but this is because of the equipment that support expired of Daiichi Kosho, even if a used router that can be used is found, after the final connection opened, if not connected to the line for more than three months, it seems to be set to be unavailable. In short, it is iron waste. Orz

As for the router that can be connected, only the first kosho genuine VPN router. In theory, it is possible to connect with a commercially available VPN router, but since the parameters for vpn connection to NTT FLET'S NETWORK (ADSL or light) are private, in reality, it can only be connected to the OEM version of the router of Daiichi Kosho. (Perhaps, i think that the general VPN router will be eliminated by matching the router number and MAC address that was shaken for each machine on the first kosho side))
When I examined it, the latest router corresponding is yamaha RTX810MB , the list price of 65,000 yen, the actual sale price, but it is too high to buy. Variously, Dai-ichi Kosho seems to be doing the lord's business.

So, I have to get used goods from Yafuoku again this time. Fortunately, at the right time, I was able to purchase the RT107eDK router made by Yamaha a generation ago for 20,000 yen.

Because this router was already open, it can be replaced only by logging in from the serviceman mode of the DAM itself and using the command operation of the router exchange. Otherwise, it also requires open-door processing, which is a bit of a hassle.
(Because there is no RT107eDK in the model list on the router setting screen, it is probably not possible to start the station with the DAM-G100. I think that the station will be opened with the DAM-G100X or later model.)
When replacing the router, the dealer code and password of Daiichi Kosho are required, but since the trader told me, in the end, this time I was able to do all the work alone ~ (^ ◇ ^;)

After the restart, in addition to the connection between the DAM main unit and the VPN router (RT107eDK) as shown below, the pairing between the wireless LAN access point (WZR-AGL300NH-DK) and the color denmoku (CM1000-DK) was also successfully completed. Did.

By the way, I don't need it because it is old anymore and I can understand it without looking at the manual, but the following is a manual for DAM vendors that I got from Yahoo Auction. (Lol)

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2 thoughts on “Replace broken router of DAM karaoke (MR104DV2 → RT107eDK)"

  1. DAM karaoke cannot be used because it is locked in about 1 month (past 3 months) unless you connect to the Internet via VPN and conclude a communication contract with Daiichi Kosho.
    To connect to the Internet, you need a dedicated router (the latest model has a built-in router).
    Only Daiichi Kosho or an authorized distributor can unlock the lock, and the DAM Karaoke system cannot be used unless you have a communication contract.

  2. Hello, I recently purchased a DAM karaoke system from yahoo auctions. I had no idea I needed to connect it with the router and now the system is locked. Can you help me unlock it for home use?

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