Bug in Transposh's automatic translation function

I upgraded the WordPress plug-in "Transposh" to support web translation, but the translation conversion result is wrong with respect to punctuation. I checked the contents of the db, but db does not seem to be bad. I think it's probably a bug in the automatic translation engine. So, today, as follows, I contacted the author on the WordPress forum. I hope that the problem will be solved as soon as possible. Punctuation marks are not translated! (2 po... Read more »

WordPress plug-in Transposh automatic translation function is stopped

On my website, the automatic translation function of the WordPress plug-in "Transposh" has no longer worked since a month ago. Currently, english pages are handwritten, so you can view them, but pages in other languages are not. This issue has also been addressed in wordpress forums, but we have not yet received a formal response from the developer. There may be an influence of wordpress version UP, but I do not know the cause yet. There have been several similar things before, so if you wait for a while, you will soon be... Read more »

WordPress multi-lingual site recommended plugins all commentary!

In this site that started as a multi-lingual site, i will explain all of the recommended plug-ins of WordPress introduced when building in chronological order.

Web translation is a mess (Matter on incoherent Web translation)

Initially, in order to make this site bilingual, we had to paste English text in addition to Japanese, but it became more and more troublesome, so we decided to use one of the WordPress plugins, "Transposh (https I entrusted the translation to the widget from ``://transposh.org)''. However, that seems to have been a naive idea. As a test, if you select English from the "select language" list box, Google Translate (default) will display the following. I... Read more »