Buy SONY Hi-Res Headset MDR-NC750 for Xperia Z5

update Last updated: July 27, 2020 at 3:28 AM

Up to now, sony "MDR-NWNC33" headset equipped with noise canceling function for Xperia Z5, because the audio output of the Xperia Z5 is high-resolution, this time, i purchased the headset "MDR-NC750" that supports both noise canceling function and high-resolution audio at Yahoo! Shopping.

When I purchased it at the Sony store, I was able to purchase it for 8,780 yen including tax though it was a product of 13,824 yen including tax.

For your reference, I'll post a review compared to MDR-NWNC33 below.

[Feeling of wearing]
Because the headphones themselves are large, the feeling of wearing is not better than mdr-NWNC33. In order to equip the speaker to express the range of sound beyond the CD sound source, i guess it is unavoidable because the head part is a result of a little larger.

【Sound quality】
Compared to The MDR-NWNC33, the sound quality improvement is seen, and it seems to be reproduced neatly from the treble range to the low range. I feel the depth and spread of the sound.
In addition, in order to enjoy MP3 audio data with high-resolution sound source, it is necessary to turn on "DSEE HX" in the audio settings of Xperia, in which case ClearAudio+ and dynamic normalizer will be OFF. Therefore, "DSEE HX" is used exclusively for the play of the album and the single tune.

[Noise canceling function]
The noise canceling function works the same as mdr-NWNC33.

【Hands-free call】
I haven't tried it yet, but I think one of the appeals of this headset is the hands-free call that can answer incoming calls while plugging in earphones. The sony electret condenser microphone, a high-performance, omnidirectional microphone built into the earphone housing, is also an evaluation point. Using this headset, you can also record realistic videos with binaural stereo audio.

The MDR-NWNC33 cable was a U-shaped, many made by SONY, but the MDR-NC750 has the same Y-shaped cable length on the left and right. Compared to the MDR-NWNC33, it is a slightly thicker cable, but the material is obviously good, and it is easy to handle it because it is entangled.

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