Panasonic UN-10E6-W, a 10-inch portable LCD TV that can be viewed in the bathroom, and the 1Mii B06+Bluetooth audio receiver that can play Spotify and other songs from a smartphone or PC with old audio.

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Panasonic purchased a waterproof 10-inch portable LCD TV "Private Viera UN-10E6-W" that can be carried anywhere, such as a kitchen or bathroom, and a Bluetooth 5.0 audio receiver "1Mii B06+" that can play songs such as personal computers and smartphones on the old audio system at home, and installed it at home.

The reason why I bought a portable LCD TV was that I shared my desktop PC monitor with a 32-inch TV, as described in the following article, so I couldn't watch it when I used it.

For audio receivers, we installed songs such as Spotify to play over Bluetooth in our existing audio system.
Note that modern amplifiers generally have audio receivers. The amp I own is just old.

In this article, we will introduce these two home appliances in detail.

Private Viera UN-10E6-W

Private Viera UN-10E6-W purchased used items on Amazon (link below) for 16,794 yen.

This LCD TV is separated from the tuner part (full segment) and the monitor part as follows, and both are designed to pair with a Wi-Fi connection.
The monitor is rechargeable (lithium-ion battery) and is waterproof along with the monitor and remote control, so you can carry it anywhere in the house, such as in the kitchen or bathroom.

Features of UN-10E6-W are as follows. (Explanation by manufacturer)

You can watch TV anywhere in your house.

You can enjoy tv broadcasts all over the house.
Waterproof monitor can be carried to the bath or kitchen
You can also enjoy deaga recording programs with the room jump link

Can also be used as a bath TV

Because it is waterproof (IPX6 / IPX7 equivalent), you can take it anywhere you like and enjoy watching TV in the bath or kitchen. Even if the monitor gets dirty with fingerprints, it can also be washed off using a dish-making detergent.

Wet hands can be operated.

Comes with a waterproof remote control that can operate both the monitor and the tuner part. It is useful not only for tuners, but also for operating the monitor from a distance.

Compact tuner

The tuner part is a compact size with a width of 13 .6cm, a height of 3.7 cm, and a depth of 11.7 cm (including protrusions).

* Since the antenna terminal is a mixed system of terrestrial digital / BS / CS digital, a mixer (sold separately) is required when the antenna terminals in the room are divided for terrestrial digital and BS / CS.

You can also record to an external hard disk

By connecting the tuner unit and the external USB hard disk sold separately with a USB cable (sold separately), it is possible to record the program. You can choose from the DR mode that remains the broadcast image quality and the long recording mode, and you can record for a long time up to 15 times.

* The channel is fixed while recording, and you can not watch other programs. It is not supported for back program recording.

Stable Wi-Fi reception

The tuner part and the monitor part are equipped with two antennas each, enabling stable reception.

If wireless LAN communication is not stable, an automatic rate conversion function that automatically compresses video data from the tuner unit to the monitor is also installed.

Enjoy on the go

You can stream broadcast and recorded programs transferred from your tuner department on your smartphone or tablet on the go.

* To use, you need to install the dedicated application "Panasonic Media Access" (free), club Panasonic membership registration (free), dimora device registration (free).

Setting up your Wi-Fi connection is easy in three steps

(1) Turn on the power of the monitor and tuner
(2) Press and hold the link button on the tuner part.
(3) Select "Start Connection"

Installation settings of UN-10E6-W

The following gallery is an excerpt of the installation settings screen at the initial startup of UN-10E6-W.

Room Jump Link

The following gallery is an example of a case where the room jump link function is initially set and a recorded program of Panasonic's Blu-ray recorder "DIGA DMR-BWT510" is played.
In addition, this Wi-Fi environment may be bad, but in the list display of the room jump link server, it seems to be a little unstable, such as the model name does not appear.

Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Receiver "1Mii B06+"

The Bluetooth 5.0 audio receiver 1Mii B06+ was purchased from Amazon for JPY 3,380. A USB-connected power cable, a 3.5mm audio-RCA cable, is included, but a USB AC adapter was not included. Therefore, A USB connection power cable was connected to the AC adapter (5.2V / 1.35A) for the smartphone on hand.
In addition, in the amazon review, there is a report that the sound quality has improved when using the AC adapter of 2A, so I will try it next time.
Since there are two channels of output, you can connect it to two amplifiers by purchasing another RAC cable.

Features of 1Mii B06+ are as follows: (Explanation by manufacturer)

Product Introduction

  • [About ON/OFF of 3D sound]The 1Mii B06+ makes it easy to switch between 3D sounds. 3D sounds are initially disabled. Just press the 3D toggle button (LED blue) to activate the 3D sound feature. (LED is green)
  • [Plug and Play]The 1Mii B06+ supports plug-and-play. Simply connect your device to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and you'll be able to set up, so you can enjoy high-quality music right away.
  • [Compatibility with Alexa]The 1Mii B06+ is using Bluetooth 5.0 technology. By utilizing devices such as smartphones and tablets and Bluetooth functions, it is possible for the currently used speakers to be used like Alexa's Echo.
  • [Low latency, ultra-long distance, can be connected to two terminals at the same time]The 1Mii B06+ features Bluetooth 5.0+ low latency and can be connected to two Bluetooth terminals simultaneously. It switches automatically when necessary (see the manual for instructions). The terminal features low latency, long-distance reception (outdoor: 50m indoors: 20-30 m) and high sound quality.

《 Product Information 》
Brand Name: 1mii
Product Model Number:B06 Plus APTX
Product weight: Approximately 272g
Product size: 93.98×93.98×27.94 mm
Communication range: Up to about 50m outdoors
Power: USB adapter

Connect your PC to 1Mii B06+ and audio spotify songs

The following gallery is an example of connecting 1Mii B06+ to a laptop with Bluetooth, connecting Spotify songs to an ONKYO amplifier (A-905TX) and DENON amplifier (AVC-M380) and outputting them to BOSE and DENON speakers.
For me, BOSE is rather a fake sound, so I think denon speakers may have more depth in the sound.

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