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Connect a Logitec Blu-ray drive (LBD-PUC6U3VBK) purchased the other day to a notebook PC, and use CyberLink's PowerProducer 6 to record digitally recorded programs*Note 1) Was authored in BDMV format and a Blu-ray disc was created, but it could not be played on TOSHIBA's Blu-ray recorder (D-BZ510).

BDMV_Blu-ray Disk Movie/Other Name_BD-Video_is a style in which a menu is displayed when played back, similar to a commercially available BD-ROM. On the other hand, BDAV is a format to record digital broadcasting to Blu-ray discs with Blu-ray recorder, and when you play it, the menu is not displayed, it is a style that is suddenly displayed from the main volume.
Therefore, when we investigated the cause of BDMV format Blu-ray Disc not being playable on D-BZ510, a hint was written in the link below.

Blu-ray Tips

In short, it is the following description part.

In the past, due to the BDAV standard, BD-R / BD-RE was only compatible with BDAV. Later standards BD-R Ver2.0BD-RE Ver 3.0 Now also supports BDMV.

So, when I checked the specifications of D-BZ510,
⇒ ■ Playable media: BD-ROM, BD-R / BD-R DL Ver 1.1/1.2/1.3、BD-RE/BD-RE DL Ver 2.1

It was found that BDMV format Blu-ray discs cannot be played with either BD-R or BD-RE (1 layer 25 GB / 2 layers 50 GB). In the specs of high-end models of Blu-ray recorders and Blu-ray players above the middle class of Pana machinesBD-R Ver2.0 / BD-RE Ver3.0Should have been described.

By the way, the specifications of BDP-3120, a cheap Pioneer Blu-ray player (sale price 8000 yen),

It seems to be possible to play blu-ray discs in BDMV format. Moreover, the description is not a version, it is easy to understand because the format of the authoring is clearly clear. Panasonic's Blu-ray recorder is also confirmed to be clearly stated that it is playable. The D-BZ510 is just a version and is really confusing. However, the recent Panasonic cheap Bulley player can not even play the DMP-BD88 or so as to bd-R Ver.1.3 in the specs and so be careful

Toshiba's Blu-ray Recorder (contents made by Funai Electric/ I remodeled the built-in HDD from 300GB to 1TB*Note 2), The latest model still has the same specifications and no progress, so it seems better not to buy it no matter how cheap it is.
As you can imagine from the evaluation of, the recommendation is Panasonic!

From the above circumstances, after all, we decided to create a Blu-ray disc by authoring in BDAV format (H.264, FHD 1920×1080/60i, Dolby Digital 5.1, NTSC).
If possible, it is cool and ideal to create a Blu-ray disc in the BDMV format, but since it cannot be played by a bad manufacturer or an inexpensive Blu-ray player, if you want it to be playable by all players, create it in the BDAV format. There seems to be only one.

In addition, logitec's Blu-ray drive used for lighting (LBD-PUC6U3VBK) is highly recommended for reliable use of matsushita drive, even though it is about 7000 yen at a low price. In addition to USB 3.0, the new standard "3-layer BDXL 100GB" and "M-DISC BD" that can store data for 1000 years are also supported.

*Note 1 Extract raw TS files from the Linux file system of the external HDD of the FTA satellite tuner via DiskInternals Linux Reader, and convert the data to MP4 using iSofter's file conversion software "i-multimedia conversion"

*Note 2 The D-BZ510 can retrofit the internal HDD because the method of logging in and activating to service mode is leaked to the net, but the Blu-ray recorder made by Sony and Panasonic cannot be retrofit because the login method to service mode is not known at present. Not all models, including Toshiba, work only with the replacement of the internal HDD. This is the only benefit of the D-BZ510! (laughs)
… For your information, my Facebook album shows how to replace the built-in HDD of D-BZ510 (^-^;

Retrofit the built-in HDD of blu-ray recorder to 1TB!

2020.12.25 Update
Currently, when it comes to Blu-ray recorders, the Panasonic DMR-BWT510 (SKY Perfect!) has been replaced with a 2TB HDD. It is possible to record 3 programs simultaneously together with HD).

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