Transposh support language changed (Modified the supporting languages in Transposh)

update Last updated: December 16, 2023 at 11:14 PM

In the past, the support language of Transposh, a web translation plug-in, had been set up in 46 languages, but at this time, we changed the supporting language to 13 languages to reduce the load on the server.
The breakdown is as follows.

English, Japanese, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified), Korean, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, Indonesian

For the basis of this decision, we also refer to the analysis results of Google's access analysis system "Google Analytics" shown in the attached photo.

[in English]
Modified the supporting languages in Transposh

This time, I’ve modified the supporting languages in “Transposh that is a plug-in for Web translations” in less than 13th countries to decrease an overhead of server, though it had been set to 46th countries by today.

Those contents are as follows:

English, Japanese, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese(2 kinds), Korean, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, Indonesian.

About an evidence of this decision, I’ve also refered a result of analysis of the “Google Analytics” that is the access analysis system in google shown by appended picture.

Transposh-Languages Transposh-Languages2

By the way, we launched the access analysis program "Awstats" provided by the management system "cPnanel" of this rental server (Apache 2.2.27/Unix), and displayed the country access aggregate at the server level. The target period is February 1 to February 4. For some reason, it is a mystery that there are a lot of access from Ukraine. Just a crawler?

[in English]
Incidentally, I’ve also tried to display an access summary of server level of the countries by launching “Awstats” that is an access analysis program presented by “cPanel” of administration system for this rental server (Apache 2.2.27/Unix). Applicable periods are from February 1 thru February 4. (the following image)
It’s a mystery why that there is much access from Ukraine. Just Crawler?


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