Added Twitter (X) tweet mini button to social buttons in WordPress theme of homepage builder (HPB)

A tweet mini button for Twitter (X) has been added to the social buttons of the WordPress theme of the homepage builder (HPB). There is no need to change the Java script, just add the button image and change the PHP program. It also supports the management screen.

Even though the homepage builder has been upgraded to hpb22, the WordPress function has not been updated for more than 5 years (WP5.5 incompatible / Google Analytics 4 non-compatible, non-SSL support, etc.) - hpb Dashboard renovation

The homepage builder has been upgraded to hpb22, but the WordPress function remains neglected, so I will explain how to deal with it... hpb dashboard plug-in is WP5.5 incompatible / Google search pancle list problem / SSL issue, etc.

WordPress 5.5/5.7/6.0 へのアップグレードでクラシックエディタなどのプラグインが動かなくなった問題について(HPBテーマ & hpbseo、biz calendar等の jQuery 3.0 非互換対策)

Learn how to resolve jQuery incompatibility issues with plug-ins (hpbseo, Transposh, Classic Editor, etc.) that were affected by upgrading to WordPress 5.5, and the removal of line breaks tags in the visual editor. In the phase upgrade to WordPress 5.6/5.7, we will also provide examples of corrections to the description obsolete in jQuery 3.0 warned by jQuery Migration.

Fix old script of Facebook "Like button" on HPB20 / Deal with plug-ins that stopped working after upgrading WP & PHP (Native Emoji, RSS Image Feed)

Homepage Builder's Facebook "Likes" Button"old script fix and WordPress @ PHP upgrade to learn how to deal with plug-ins that no longer work : Native Emoji, RSS Image Feed, Crayon Syntax Highlighter.