The server supports sending domain authentication technologies "DKIM" and "DMARC" to prevent unauthorized spam email sending (spoofing, etc.)

Core Server has started supporting email authentication technologies DKIM and DMARC on all servers from February 1, 2024. This enhancement enables the use of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC on servers, reducing the risk of false spam detections and spoofed junk emails. This update also aligns with recent guideline changes from Google and Yahoo!

画像掲示板のCGI「Joyful Note X v2.0」を開発 – JOYFUL NOTE v7.3(ミニカウンタ対応)+ Lightbox2 (v2.11.3) & バイリンガル機能のソースを公開

Based on the CGI "Joyful Note v7.3" of the image bulletin board, we will release the source of "Joyful Note X v2.0" that incorporates Lightbox2 that can pop up images and also supports bilingual functions (Japanese / English).

I uninstalled McAfee and installed ESET Internet Security, but I got a problem that outlook mail could not be opened [memorandum until resolution]

I uninstalled the security software McAfee and installed ESET Internet Security, but a problem occurred where I could no longer open emails in Outlook.
In this article, we will explain the process that led to the resolution and also explain ESET.

Vulnerability discovered in Joyful Note and Hidemaru editor!

本日、NVD(National Vulnerability Database)に報告されていた以下の二つのソフトウェアを更新しました。 「Joyful Note」(PerlのCGIプログラム)は、このサイトの画像掲示板で使用しているため、修正が急がれました。しかし、バイリンガルに対応するためプログラムを修正していたため、少し、更新に時間を要しました。ついでに、サーバーのパーミッションの関係で、「.css/.js」ファイルが正常に読めていなかったバグも修正しました。 * 当該ディレクトリに以下の定義を追加 ... Read more »

Replacing security cameras

The store's security camera was broken, so we replaced it last night before the typhoon hit. 👷 A broken camera is installed outside. This is a camera that automatically emits infrared light when it gets dark and can take monochrome pictures. When I checked "Camera 02" in the monitor shown in the photo below, it was photographed during the day, but it was no longer photographed at night. Since the camera seems to be emitting infrared rays, it seems that the IR receiver is malfunctioning. The camera I bought to replace it is a Chinese-made CCD camera with the following specifications. Product name: ... Read more »