Attend the izakaya "Unbalan'S" tired party

update Last updated: May 27, 2020 at 3:59 PM

Yesterday, I attended the party "Unbalan'S Taste Party" held at Kanachu Hotel in Hiratsuka.

This party is a meeting to work on the master's service until the izakaya “Unbalan'S”, which had been operating for many years at the north exit of Hiratsuka Station, was closed due to the hospitalization of the master.

I noticed that I was looking at the pictures taken, but I seem to be much thinner than the master Toshiya. (__;)

2020.5.11 Postscript
Toshiya Matsunaga, the master of Umbalance'S, passed away in 2015 due to stomach cancer. Currently, both izakaya Umbalance'S and izakaya bansuke are closed.

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