I had a PCR test at my own expense! [Results report and recommendations to the Japanese government]

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In response to the spread of the Chinese corona virus, I underwent a PCR test at my own expense (31,000 yen including certificate) at the end of last month (July 30) just in case.
I feel like sending an invoice to Xi Jinping as a thank you for being paid for the expensive inspection.

I have decided that it is better to take a PCR test as a responsibility of the person involved in the restaurant and to ensure safety and security to the customer, and decided to take the inspection this time though there was no physical condition change so far, and it was very healthy.

The PCR test was conducted at the Shinjuku Home Clinic adjacent to Shinjuku Gyoen.
Pcr tests at this clinic are fully booked and have been booked at night through the line.
Because the test is a method of collecting saliva, there is no risk of medical personnel, and the physical burden on the receiving side is light.

As for the test results, the clinic contacted me by telephone two days later, and a medical certificate was issued about a week later.

Fortunately, the results are as follows:NegativeIt was 😄

Regarding the current state of PCR testing in Japan, so far, people with subjective symptoms, people who have been in strong contact with positive persons, those who work in medical institutions, etc. can receive it free of charge.
However, all other people are charged a fee, ranging from 30,000 yen to 40,000 yen, and in Japan, a fairly high inspection fee will be charged.
In this way, it's like telling me not to take an examination.

By the way,In New York, anyone can have a free PCR test as many times as they want.

In Japan, as the city infection of COVID-19 spreads, the GO TO campaign and others have put a huge budget into things that could encourage infection of the virus, but if there is such money, in order to find as many assystem positive people,We should focus our budget on strengthening our PCR inspection system.I think.

Looking at the current situation, the government seems to put election measures and the economy ahead of the control of the corona, driven by the wishes of industry groups.
In addition, the health center and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare have not been brought online in this corona disaster, and it is an analog fax communication that has been around for more than 30 years, a shortage of supply of masks and disinfectants, and a poor PCR inspection system.

The American web site, which archives corona-related statistics from around the worldwoldometerAmong the 215 countries and regions around the world, japan conducted PCR tests per million people.159th(as of July 28, 2020).
By the way, 158th place is Uganda in East Africa, and 160th is Guyana in South America.
On the other hand, in Western countries that have been hit by infection explosions, Britain ranked 13th, Russia 15th, USA 21st, Spain 27th, Italy 35th and Germany 43rd. China, the source of corona, ranks 56th.

Based on the above, I think it has become clear that Japan is no longer positioned as a backward country in the medical and IT fields.

The Governor of Tokyo and the media said that the town-related at night in Shinjuku and Kabukicho, i.e. restaurants involving entertainment, are at high risk of infection, and it can be felt as if they are imposing responsibility on specific industries and specific areas. However, because there is life on the beaten side, I think that it is logical to hit their life guarantee with a set.

AndIf you name it an industry with a high risk of infection, at least staff in those industries should also be free to take PCR testing.I think.

And this is another recommendation from me,Bad practices such as the fine system that exists in cabarets, hosts, etc. should also be abolished on this occasion.I think it is.
For example, miss Cava's physical condition is bad, and if you contact the store manager that you want to take a day off, you will be fined for absence on the day, so even if you are forced, there will be a cast that goes to work at the store.
If the cast is corona-positive, the worst could lead to the cluster.
By the way, the fine system of most cabaret violates the Labor Standards Law.
Late fine for cabakura is illegal under the Labor Standards Law! Here are six common violations
In addition, business until early morning is a violation of the customs law. Managers should comply with laws and regulations.

This test proved that I am not asymptomatic asymptomatic, at least at the moment.
However, since it is not possible to guarantee one month later, the inspection must continue.
When it comes to continuing PCR testing at your own expense, the financial burden is still too great.
Therefore, in order to minimize the cost, in the future, we would like to consider in the direction of checking the presence or absence of infection by regular antibody testing.

These are the reports on the results of PCR testing and recommendations to the government and related food and beverage industries.

Thank you very much for reading to the end.

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