VS Zenith 4

update Last updated: September 25, 2015 at 2:17 AM

In a killing time, I played with the zenith 4 of Go software (five-stage / 15-second mode) on a first-half basis.

Because it was a short start to each other, the question hand stood out, but it was a battle of killing each other from beginning to end. It was a risqué battle that might be able to collapse white though it became the result of the white middle push victory that the black resigned by the black large stone of the right side and the lower side was annihilated instead of the group of white on the upper side was killed.

Even so, the zen-style's chess style is too intense, so I'm tired (__;)

《Time spent》
○ Black: Zenith 4 – 20 minutes 33 seconds
● White: Chisato – 14 minutes 21 seconds

Game record ⇒ VS Zenith 4

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