Review of Bluetooth Wireless Earphones (RZ-S50W) with Panasonic Noise Cancelling Function

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Last month, I bought Panasonic's Bluetooth wireless earphone (Panasonic RZ-S30W) and posted the following review after the trial.

🔗 Review of Panasonic's Bluetooth wireless earphones (RZ-S30W) and the bad out of Chinese earphones purchased so far

Until now, we used earphones made in Sony and Chinese, so Panasonic's reputation for audio products was unknown, but as a result of using Panasonic wireless earphones for a certain period of time, we found that it was very excellent.
Therefore, I wanted Panasonic's new product "Wireless Stereo Inside Phone RZ-S50W" (released on April 10, 2020) with noise cancelling function on another higher-ranked model, so I purchased it from for 21,678 yen.

RZ-S30W Review

First of all, from the ceremony of opening ...
As follows, the instruction manual for this model (RZ-S50W) is also used as a sub-model RZ-S30W without noise cancelling function.
Two earpieces are included in the S/M (installed)/L/XL size. The charging cable is type C compatible.
There are two colors available: black and white, but this time I bought white (RZ-S50W-W).

The manufacturer's site is here. Wireless Stereo Inside Phone RZ-S50W

The following photo shows the charging case and its lid open. I think that you can feel that it is a very compact size.

The following photo shows bluetooth wireless earphones taken out.
The picture on the right is compared to the RZ-S30W (black), but the size of the case is the same.

The outline of the product is as follows.
Features and spec tables are summarized with reference to information from

Features of RZ-S50W

  • Fully wireless earphones with "dual hybrid noise cancelling" function. You can immerse yourself in music by reducing noise even in the crowd and the noise in the train.
  • Equipped with a newly developed touch sensor antenna, Bluetooth®The left and right earphones receive the signal at the same time to achieve stable wireless connectivity.
  • Beamforming technology and wind noise suppression enable calls with clear voice with reduced noise. It adopts a drip-proof structure and can be used even in sudden rain.
  • High-performance MEMS microphone is adopted. The microphone is equipped with two microphones for noise cancelling and three microphones on one side (six left and right).
  • To make it easier to talk outdoors, it is possible to make calls with clear voice with reduced noise. By refracting the passage of air, it adopts a labyrinth structure that makes it difficult for wind to hit the microphone directly, and suppresses the occurrence of wind noise.

Specification table of RZ-S50W

TypeCanal typeConnection typeBluetooth (Ver.5.0/Class1)
Mounting methodFully wireless (left and right separate)StructureSealed (closed)
Drive systemDynamic typeCharging terminalsCharging case: USB Type-C
Playback frequency band20Hz to 20kHzDriver size8mm
Continuous durationEarphones only ⇒ About 6.5 hours *
⇒ About 19.5 hours * including charging case
Charging timeAbout 4 hours, charging for 15 minutes ⇒ Play for about 70 minutes *
Supported codecsSbc
External sound captureYesSound quality adjustmentYes
Automatic power on functionYesAutomatic power off functionYes
Waterproof and drip-proof performanceIPX4Noise cancellingYes
7g (one side)

"Charging case"
* In the case of noise cancelling ON

Panasonic Audio Connect app

To use the RZ-S50W, we recommend that you install the following Panasonic Audio Connect app for iOS/Android:
I installed the app for Android because I am using Galaxy S9+.
By installing this app, functions such as earphone firmware update, battery level check, external sound control, sound mode switching (bus enhancer, clear voice, equalizer, etc.), and looking for headphones (location information ON is assumed) will be available.

RZ-S50W firmware update

Prior to using the RZ-S50W, it is desirable to start Panasonic Audio Connect and first update the firmware of the wireless earphones you connect to to the latest version.
When you start Panasonic Audio Connect, if there is a firmware update, you'll see an update notification similar to the following in the app's menu:
In that case, click the update notification "We have the latest firmware" and follow the instructions to update the firmware of the wireless earphone.
This allows the RZ-S50W to be used optimally.

Impressions of RZ-S50W ( Review in )

As a frank impression that I actually tried using RZ-S50W, I thought that it was a wireless earphone with very good workmanship.
Although there is a part that is not convinced a little in the level setting in the app, noise cancelling is also functioning well.
After the purchase, there were two firmware updates, so the maintenance on the manufacturer's side seems to be solid.
We hope that the firmware update will further improve the performance of the noise cancelling function.

As with the RZ-S30W, I will post a review written on as follows.

"Long-awaited gem" as the main machine of wireless earphones

Because the performance of the Panasonic RZ-S30W which I bought last month was very good, I wanted a more high-performance, high-quality RZ-S50W, and purchased it for 21,678 yen from
If you want to say greed, I wanted the supreme "Technics EAH-AZ70W", but it was a little too expensive, so I decided to use this machine (RZ-S50W)😅
We will review this unit in comparison with RZ-S30W as follows.

In addition, when you start the dedicated app "Panasonic Audio Connect", since the firmware update notification has come, we are using this unit after first updating the firmware of the earphone to the latest version. I've updated the firmware twice since I've purchased it, but it may have improved performance every time I updated it.

Like the RZ-S30W, it has a simple design with a matte texture. It is a plastic material except for the edge part of the earphone, but it does not look so cheap.
It is slightly larger than the RZ-S30W, but compared to Sony wireless earphones of the same class, I think that it is a light and rather compact construction.
The charging case is the same size as the RZ-S30W, so it does not get in the way even if I put it in the back because it is small. I chose white (RZ-S50W-W) color.

[High-pitched sound quality]
From medium to treble, it is expressed very clearly. I feel the spread and depth in the sound.
I heard and compared it with the cord earphone (MDR-NWNC33) which has the noise cancelling function of Sony on hand, but there is a feeling that this unit is pure sound quality.

[Bass quality]
The size of the driver unit of the RZ-S30W is 6 mm compared to 6 mm, and the RZ-S50W is 8mm, so the sound quality is clearer than the RZ-S30W, and the depth of the bass is also increased.
In a dedicated app, when you enable the bass enhancer, the heavy bass is emphasized in a well-balanced. There is no impression that other ranges are extremely crushed.

M size attached to the product, fits perfectly. However, compared to the RZ-S30W earplug size, because it is a large housing shape, it may be easy to come off in exercise.

【External sound blocking property】
Noise cancelling to the sound of the train and the conversation in the car is fully functioning. The same is true for other manufacturers, but the noise cancelling function is limited, and noise exceeding the limit and the frequency not covered cannot be suppressed.
If you make the level of noise cancelling about the middle in the external sound control of the dedicated app, you will not care about the loud running sound that occurs when you open the window of the train.
If the level of noise cancelling is MAX, the level must be adjusted according to the environment because the noise increases in the opposite direction when using it in the train. I'm not sure what the logic is going on around here.

In addition, when noise cancelling is enabled, the touch sensor (R) is switched to ambient mode (external sound capture) after touching it for about 2 seconds. When you touch it again, ambient OFF (noise cancelling OFF), it is a specification that becomes noise cancelling ON when you touch further.
When ambient is turned on on the train, it is convenient because you can hear in-house announcements.
The difference from the RZ-S30W is that you can adjust the level of the external sound with the external sound control of the dedicated app. As with noise cancelling, if it is in the middle, the noise to be worried about such as the discharge sound of the air conditioner is suppressed.

【Prevention of sound leakage】
There seems to be no sound leakage to be worried about.

Because it is a compact charging case, it is easy to carry around. However, wireless earphones are slightly larger than the RZ-S30W, so it may be easy to come off if you are not careful when wearing them.

Compared to cord earphones, the sound quality is not inferior at all, and I think that it is a very high degree of perfection product.
Although it is a personal opinion to the last, if the evaluation of the sound quality of RZ-S30W is 4.5, I think that RZ-S50W is 5.0.

In terms of operability, it is necessary to get used to triple tap, but since the frequency of use of the place is a low part, it does not feel much trouble.
In order to test the call function of this unit, I called home and recorded the answering machine. There was no noise to be worried about, and a very beautiful voice was recorded. In terms of microphone performance, I think it is the same as the RZ-S30W.
The built-in high-performance microphone provides sufficient performance as a hands-free wireless earphone that can make calls.

If you dare to say greed, if the performance of the noise cancelling function is further improved in the update of the firmware in the future, it will be more complete.

Although it was a late departure, Panasonic finally introduced a serious product. As the main machine of wireless earphones, full of activity is expected!

2020.12.17 Added
With the following firmware updates, improvements have been made to improve ambient mode sound quality, disable touch sensor operation in bulk, and customize the external sound mode switching and off by pressing and holding the touch sensor.

🔗 RZ-S50W Firmware Update

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