Ayumi Hamasaki's "Countdown Live 2023-2024~ COMPLETE 25~" [Welcoming Spring]

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🎍Happy New Year🎉
This will be my first blog in 2024. Thank you very much for your support during the past year.
Thank you for your continued support this year 🙇‍♀️

Well, on December 30th of last year, I went to see Ayumi Hamasaki's "Countdown Live 2023" below at the invitation of a friend. Tickets were arranged by Popcorn's Hina Mama and entered using the electronic ticketing app "AnyPASS."

<Performance details>
ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2023-2024 A(logo)A(logo) COMPLETE 25~

[Schedule/venue/opening/starting time]
Saturday, December 30, 2023 Tokyo: National Yoyogi Stadium First Gymnasium 16:30/18:00

[Concert overview]

“ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2023-2024 A ~A COMPLETE 25~” is a countdown live performance by Ayumi Hamasaki, who is loved by many fans as a unique presence.
Hamasaki will celebrate his 25th anniversary in 2023, and is currently in the midst of his first 47-prefecture tour. With tickets sold out at venues all over Japan, we have decided to hold a countdown live to end this year.
The venue for this performance is Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium, which Hamasaki himself calls a "sacred place." The set list, direction, and composition will all be created for the performance at the "sacred place" Yoyogi Gymnasium, making it a memorable countdown live.

By the way, I'm not a TA (TeamAyu) and I'm not an Ayu fan, so this time I'll be participating through the barter of a friend who is an Ayu fan. Therefore, I cannot comment on the content of the concert, so please be patient.
During the concert, one of the foreign gay couples in the arena seat in front of them was proudly recording it on his smartphone, and the Asian man in the seat to his left was taller than the foreigner next to him. Maybe it's because it's so low, but I saw people standing on the seats with their shoes on and watching.
It may have been a coincidence, but even though I had been looking forward to the concert, I was a bit disappointed and disappointed by the poor manners of the fans who were present.

Photography inside the concert venue is prohibited even before the performance due to Avex regulations, so I took shots outside the venue on the day of the concert. Upload your photos to the gallery below.


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