Switching to compact and high-performance high-resolution LDAC compatible Technics completely wireless earphones EAH-AZ40M2 [Review]

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The completely wireless earphones I used before, "Panasonic RZ-S50W," had deteriorated, so I replaced them with the compact, high-performance, high-resolution, cutting-edge model "Technics EAH-AZ40M2."
After using it, I found that when it comes to completely wireless earphones, Technics is better than Panasonic. This means that it has higher specs, including the functions of the app.

recently released Technics The series includes EAH-AZ80 (flagship model), EAH-AZ60M2, and EAH-AZ40M2.

The model I purchased this time EAH-AZ40M2 Although it is positioned as an entry model, it is a model that allows you to enjoy noise canceling and high-resolution sound quality (compatible with Bluetooth codec LDAC) in a compact size.

Features and specifications of Technics EAH-AZ40M2

Below are the features and specifications of the completely wireless earphones "Technics EAH-AZ40M2".

Features of AZ40M2

Technics' goal is to create highly pure, clear sound in a more compact form. And more easily accessible. The AZ40M2, which has a sophisticated design that fits even small ears and surprisingly high sound quality, is finally here!

  • Crystal clear sound from low to high range. Also equipped with noise canceling.
    The AZ40M2 retains the smallness and lightness of the AZ40, but is equipped with a new function that cancels surrounding external sounds. Digital processing generates a sound with the opposite phase that has the effect of canceling out noise outside the ear.
  • In addition to the acoustic structure of the "acoustic control chamber" and "harmonizer" that are also used in the top model "EAH-AZ80", it is equipped with a small driver with a diameter of 6 mm for the small earphone body.
  • Introducing technology inherited from higher-end models in both analog and digital aspects, such as the "Direct Mode" that simplifies the operation of the EQ circuit and delivers pure sound, and the "LDAC" that allows high-resolution wireless connection of up to 990kbss.
  • The EAH-AZ40M2 also realizes the "3-device multi-point connection" that was included in the EAH-AZ80 as the industry's first feature.
    You can quickly switch between up to three devices, such as a PC, smartphone, or tablet, without interrupting conversations or work.
  • Compact design that fits comfortably in small ears.
    Accessories don't get in the way either.
  • Adopts a design with excellent texture, such as circular processing on the touch sensor part. Metal mesh is used for the two distinctive microphone parts. Available in three color variations: rose gold, black, and silver.
  • Acoustic control chamber that reproduces powerful low frequencies and realistic vocals. A dedicated acoustic space is provided at the rear end of the driver to precisely control the air flow around the driver. Balances the bass and vocal bands to reproduce powerful bass and realistic vocals.
  • A harmonizer that suppresses disturbances in the frequency characteristics of the high range and achieves natural sound quality. High-frequency characteristics are improved by appropriately adjusting the space in front of the driver. By suppressing disturbances in the frequency characteristics of the treble range above 5 kHz, it achieves ideal band balance and reproduces natural treble.
  • In addition to the conventional "beamforming technology" that distinguishes the speaker's voice from other sounds and reduces noise, the EAH-AZ40M2 extracts the speaker's voice band from the sounds picked up by two microphones. By accurately detecting voices and other sounds and reducing surrounding noise, you can comfortably talk on the phone while wearing the device.
  • The feedforward microphone, which picks up surrounding sounds and the speaker's voice, and the call microphone have a labyrinth structure that suppresses unpleasant wind noise. A metal mesh is placed in the opening of the microphone to limit the amount of wind entering and reduce the generation of unpleasant noise.
  • With the dedicated app "Technics Audio Connect", you can adjust the sound quality and operation method as if it were made to order.
    You can enjoy using it in your own way.
  • Two ambient modes (transparent mode/attention mode) are provided that can be selected according to the usage situation. Transparent mode is a mode that picks up surrounding sounds as before, and Attention mode is a mode that pauses music and focuses on capturing surrounding sounds such as surrounding conversations and announcements.
  • If you drop your earphones or don't know where you left them, you can use the app's "Find My Headphones" feature to display map information or play a sound to find them.
  • You can activate the voice assistant, Amazon Alexa, by touching the earphone itself.
  • Compatible with Google Fast Pair, which makes pairing with Android devices easier.
  • Compatible with "Swift Pair" on Windows PC. When you put the earphones in pairing mode, a pop-up will appear on your PC screen, and simply click "Connect" to complete pairing.
  • The earphones have a splash-proof performance equivalent to IPX4, so they can be used even in sudden rain.

AZ40M2 specifications

  • Driver unit: 6mm diameter
  • Diaphragm: PEEK (abbreviation for polyetheretherketone, a material with excellent strength and internal loss characteristics)
  • Playback time (earphone body)
    Approximately 5.5 hours (noise canceling ON, AAC)
    Approximately 5.0 hours (noise canceling ON, SBC)
    Approximately 3.5 hours (noise canceling ON, LDAC)
  • Playback time when charging for a short time: 15 minutes charging, approximately 60 minutes (noise canceling ON, AAC)
  • Charging time (25℃)
    Earphone: Approximately 2.0 hours
    Charging case: about 2.5 hours
    Earphones + charging case (simultaneous charging): Approximately 3.0 hours
  • quality
    Earphones: Approx. 5g (one side only: LR equivalent), Charging case: Approx. 35g
  • Bluetooth®
    Frequency band: 2402MHz to 2480MHz
    Supported profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
    Supported codecs: SBC, AAC, LDAC
  • Charging case: Charging terminal USB Type-C shape
  • Accessories
    USB charging cable: approx. 0.2m
    (Input: USB Type-C shape, Output: USB Type-C shape)
    Earpieces: 2 each of XS, S, M, and L (M is attached to the earphone)

opening ceremony

The purchase isKakaku.com After researching the lowest price on Amazon, I purchased it for 14,850 yen from Panasonic's official online store, Panasonic Store Plus.
Now, let's take a look at the opening ceremony in the gallery below...

When I read the QR code printed on the package with my smartphone, the online manual was displayed and I was able to download the app, so I finished the installation without reading the instructions inside the package. However, it is a good idea to read the instruction manual just to be sure.

App installation and Bluetooth connection

To use AZ40M2, first you need to install the app "Technics Audio Connect" and turn on Bluetooth.
In fact, when I installed it on two Android devices, an Android Galaxy S10+ and an iPhone SE2, the Galaxy recognized the AZ40M2 and was able to pair it just by turning on Bluetooth, but the iPhone was unable to recognize it unless the app was installed. I could not do it. (Is it also affected by the iPhone's non-support for LDAC?)

This unit supports Google Fast Pair (supported on Android 6.0 or later), which makes pairing with Android devices easier. Just turn on Bluetooth and your device will be automatically recognized and pairing will be easy.

For both Android and iPhone, you cannot set up the earphones without installing the app, so installing the app is essential.

Settings for the app “Technics Audio Connect”

Settings for AZ40M2 are performed using the app "Technics Audio Connect." Details of the settings are posted in the gallery below, but the functions are significantly enhanced compared to the Panasonic app "Panasonic Audio Connect."
In particular, support for high resolution (LDAC) and ambient mode settings (Attention) are useful features. Note that when using the multipoint function, LDAC is not recommended in connection mode. Also, when connecting three devices, LDAC is not supported.

2024.02.16 Added

About the Bluetooth LDAC connection method

If the connection mode is set to "AAC" even if you turn on "LDAC for headphones" in the connection mode settings, you will need to set it to "LDAC" when connecting to your smartphone's Bluetooth connection. Below is an example of his LDAC connection on Galaxy S10+.

About purchasing one-sided earphones

In the unlikely event that you lose one side of your earphones, you can purchase one earphone from the "Panasonic Store Plus" site below. Please note that earbuds are not included with the earphones, so if you need them, we recommend purchasing them at the same time.
When replacing one earphone, you will need to initialize and pair both earphones. ⇒ Setting method when purchasing only earphones

About the LED display on the charging case

The charging case's LED display is equipped with two types of LEDs: "earphone status display LED" and "charging case status display LED" as shown below.
The earphone status display LED blinks red (twice) when the earphone is inserted, lights red when the earphone is charging, and turns off when charging is complete.
The charging case status display LED will slowly blink red, blink yellow, blink green, and turn off (charging complete) depending on the charging status of the battery.

Impressions using Technics EAH-AZ40M2

The AZ40M2 is compact with a driver size of 6mm, but when I listened to Spotify songs on a smartphone Galaxy S10+ that supports high resolution (LDAC), the sound was pure and clear from bass to treble.

After experiencing the high-quality, high-resolution sound of the AZ40M2, I was convinced that it was on a completely different level from the ordinary completely wireless earphones I had been listening to!

Even if you don't turn on the bass enhancer of the equalizer in the settings of the dedicated app "Technics Audio Connect", you can still get enough bass for a driver size of 6mm. Also, the sound quality of vocals was very clear, and I was able to hear the English audio of Spotify's English listening podcast very well.

As a matter of fact, the Panasonic that I used before RZ-S50(Driver size 8mm, high resolution not supported) The sound quality is far superior. It was easy to hear announcements on the train when I set it to ambient mode, and since it's light and compact, I don't have to worry about it falling off, and it fits perfectly.
However, in addition to not supporting wireless charging, the noise canceling function is not as good as the higher-end Technics models, but I do not feel any inconvenience.

Regarding the Bluetooth codec LDAC, unfortunately, iPhone does not support it, so you cannot enjoy high-resolution high-quality sound on iPhone. When I actually listened to it on my iPhone SE2, the sound quality was clearly inferior to the Galaxy S10+.
In order to make your iPhone compatible with LDAC, you must separately connect it to an LDAC-compatible receiver.

Comparison with RZ-S50W

For size comparison, I have uploaded the Technics EAH-AZ40M2 and the Panasonic RZ-S50W that I used before in the gallery below.
Because the RZ-S50 is large and heavy, it doesn't fit well and has fallen out of my ears many times. In comparison, the AZ40M2 is very light and compact, so you can use it everyday without worrying about it falling off.

However, if you are looking for completely wireless earphones with high sound quality and high quality, regardless of the fit, the Technics series has the flagship model EAH-AZ80 (driver Size 10mm) is recommended.

In addition to its powerful noise canceling function, the EAH-AZ80 is equipped with JustMyVoice, a unique call voice processing technology that combines beamforming technology and voice analysis technology.” technology reduces noise during calls and supports wireless charging (Qi). In addition, the charging case is made of aluminum and has the Technics logo engraved on it, giving it a luxurious feel.

* Please refer to the manufacturer's website linked below - Technics EAH-AZ80

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