Western-style renovation of a Japanese-style room in your home apartment (estimate and before/after)

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The Japanese-style room in my condominium has deteriorated over time, so I took the plunge and remodeled it in November.
Considering hygiene and ease of cleaning, I think that flooring is more popular than tatami mats these days, so I decided to renovate it a little in a western style.
This time, the reformed places are as follows.

  • Replace tatami mats with flooring
  • Replace fittings in the closet with new ones (total of 2 pieces)
  • Replace the fittings of the top with new ones (total of 2 pieces)
  • Cloth replacement of 3 sliding doors
  • Adjusted the construction of two sliding doors

Supplier selection

We requested an estimate from a local contractor who had previously requested construction work such as toilet replacement and cloth replacement.
Originally, I should have gotten competitive quotes from two or three companies, but it would be a problem if I asked a cheap contractor to do the work sloppily, so I decided to ask a reliable contractor with a track record to do the work.
The trader is from Hiratsuka CityAs-Reform(Asbex Co., Ltd.).

As an aside, I actually requested an estimate from another company, but the person in charge did not come on the day I made the appointment, so when I called the office and asked about the situation, I forgot the date of the visit. Since it was the reply that it was, there is a history of canceling the company as soon as possible.

Construction estimate

The gallery below is a construction estimate submitted after an internal inspection and survey by the construction manager.
The estimate was 400,000 yen without tax (440,000 yen including tax). The final document, the “Construction Guarantee”, was handed over after the construction was completed.
In general, flooring construction costs about 200,000 yen, including the cost of disposing of tatami mats and other miscellaneous expenses. I think it will.

Actually, my estimated budget was about 300,000 yen, but it seems that the fittings in the closet cannot be reupholstered with cloth, so we decided to make a new one. As a result, we exceeded our budget unexpectedly.
I tried to ask the person in charge to give me a discount for the consumption tax, but unfortunately I was told that I could not give a further discount because the price was barely visible.
Regarding this matter, when I consulted with a building-related customer who happened to be drinking popcorn in Shinjuku 2-chome, he said that the recent rise in materials and labor costs may have an impact. .

If we were to completely remodel a Japanese-style room into a Western-style room, it would be perfect if we replaced the closet with a walk-in closet and the ceiling cloth, but it was out of our budget, so we gave up on that.

The source of funds for this renovation will be 500,000 yen, which is a refund of the time deposit that my mother saved through postal savings in the past, which has matured. However, I feel sorry for my late mother that I lost most of it because of this renovation.

In addition, according to the management rules of this condominium, the lightweight floor impact sound insulation performance (LL value), which stipulates the soundproofing performance of the flooring, is stipulated to be LL45 or less, and the floor material (Walkfit 45 NW45S2) in the quotation details is that standard. is cleared.
In addition, prior to construction, it is obligatory to protect the common areas of the condominium (lobby, elevator, common corridor).

construction schedule

The construction application form submitted to the management association and the construction schedule were posted on the bulletin board in the first floor lobby of this condominium as follows.
I was able to schedule it according to the day I was able to attend. In addition, we received a report from the person in charge of Athreform that they had submitted the construction application documents to the management association and visited the neighborhood to greet them during the construction.
I heard that the company will manufacture the new fittings for the fusuma and the top.

Progress of construction

The gallery below shows the flooring work and the fittings replacement work for the fusuma and the top.
The flooring work was scheduled to take 2 days, but it actually took 3 days. However, the fitting work (2 days) after that proceeded smoothly, and from the start on November 4th (Friday), the entire process was completed on November 18th (Friday) as planned.

Before after

The gallery below is the before and after of the renovation from a Japanese-style room to a Western-style room.
The cloth for the sliding door and the top cover was selected by a vendor, and we asked them to use the same pattern. The flooring felt nice and cushioned when I walked on it. I plan to replace the lights with Western style ones soon.



2022.11.22 Added

Change to LED ceiling light

The fluorescent lights in the Japanese-style room have been replaced with LED ceiling lights.
At the home center "Hiratsuka Unidy", I purchased the LED ceiling light "ECOHILUX for 12 tatami mats CEA-2012DL" made by Iris Ohyama for 7,678 yen. This type has 10 levels of brightness and 11 levels of color (white/warm). .
I heard that it would be easy to install if the ceiling had a hanging ceiling (rosette), so I decided to do it myself. Once I tried it, it was easy to install and I was able to do it within 10 minutes.

The living room next door is equipped with a Panasonic LED ceiling light. ☞ AIR PANEL (HH-CD0892A) Article See also

Unfortunately, compared to this Panasonic product, Iris Ohyama's LED ceiling light gives the impression that it lacks brightness. Well, I think it's correct to say that Panasonic's LED ceiling lights are too high spec.

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