Photograph collection of "Hiratsuka Go Festival 2015"

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This is the “20th Shonan Hiratsuka Go Festival” held on Sunday, October 11, 2015.

This festival is an event held in honor of the achievement of Showa's great chess player, Minoru Kitani Kudan, who raised many professional chess players at Hiratsuka's Kitani Dojo.

This time it was a milestone of the 20th anniversary, and a 1000-player game was held at a time as a guided Go by a professional player at Nippon Kiin.
Due to time constraints, I couldn't participate in the 1000-game, but I met Go SNS * people at the venue. *goxi
Afterwards, we enjoyed a go at a nearby izakaya with everyone, and it was a fun day.
I am sorry that there were fewer goxi members this year than last year (or too many people were not found !?), but I would like to look forward to next year again.

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