I have collected beautiful synthetic ruby, sapphire and emerald jewelry!

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I have collected all of them recently, but I would like to introduce jewelry made from synthetic stones of ruby, sapphire, and emerald, which are considered to be the three major gemstones.
They are all artificially made synthetic stones, including crystals of synthetic stones, looses, and jewelry processed into rings, necklaces, etc.

synthetic ruby ​​loose

Loose means a loose stone that is not set in jewelry.
Originally, ruby ​​and sapphire gemstones belong to the same mineral called corundum. Its composition consists mainly of aluminum oxide (chemical formula: Al₂O₃), and its color changes under the influence of minute amounts of impurities (iron, chromium, titanium, cobalt, etc.).
Red sapphire is called ruby, and all other corundum is called sapphire (pink sapphire, blue sapphire, white sapphire, green sapphire, orange sapphire, padparadscha sapphire, etc.).

Currently, ruby ​​and sapphire can be artificially chemically synthesized by the Bernoulli method, etc., and are widely distributed as synthetic stones in the jewelry industry, so loose ones can be obtained at relatively low prices.
Below is a gallery of loose rubies acquired at the annual Tokyo Mineral Show in Ikebukuro Sunshine City. No inclusions (impurities) can be confirmed, so you can tell at a glance that it is a synthetic stone😅

synthetic emerald rough

Raw emerald belongs to the mineral beryl (beryl) and contains elements such as silicon (Si), beryllium (Be), and aluminum (Al), and is colored green by trace amounts of chromium (Cr) and vanadium (V). (chemical formula: Be3Al2And6O)。
Morganite, which is also a beryl group, develops a baby pink color due to the presence of manganese (Mn). In addition, red beryl (bixbite), which is found in Utah, USA and is known as a rare stone, also exhibits a strong red color due to the action of manganese.

Although it is possible to synthesize emerald scientifically, it is not widely distributed due to the high production cost due to the time required for the crystal formation process of beryl.
Methods for producing synthetic emeralds include the flux method and the hot water method.chathamestablished the technology for mass production of synthetic emeralds using the flux method, known as Chatham Synthetic Emeralds (currently manufactured by Chatham).

As for synthetic emeralds, Kyocera's Crescent Vert (made by crushing natural stones into pieces and then recrystallizing them) is famous in Japan, but there are some products that are set at a higher price than natural emeralds. , I do not recommend it because it is not recognized as natural when sent for appraisal.

Below is a gallery of synthetic emerald crystals that I have obtained. From its characteristics, I think that it is probably a Chatham synthetic emerald (market price of about 40,000 yen) made by the flux method.

Synthetic ruby ​​and sapphire jewelry (rings and necklaces)

See our synthetic ruby ​​and synthetic blue sapphire rings and necklaces in the gallery below. All of them were recently purchased online.
In combination with silver, it can be obtained at a very reasonable price (around 10,000 yen) compared to natural stone jewelry.
Click on each thumbnail image to see a larger image.

💎 Supplier : Gem Stone King (from New York)

Synthetic emerald jewelry (rings and necklaces)

Unfortunately, I was unable to purchase synthetic emeralds, which have the same composition as emeralds, because they are expensive. However, if it is a synthetic stone called nano emerald (nano synthetic emerald), it is relatively cheap and distributed, so the purchase hurdle is low.
When I checked the nano emerald later on the internet, it seems to be derived from "Nano Sital" developed and patented by RusGem in Russia.
The products are manufactured by several Russian companies, one of which is a ceramic/glass product developed for jewelry applications by Formica LLC, which has its headquarters in Moscow, Russia and a factory in Thailand. It seems that there is also Nano Gems.

In addition, this nano emerald contains a heavy component such as zirconium, so it has a high specific gravity and refractive index, and shines much more beautifully than natural emeralds. It's very wonderful, but for that reason, I think it's obvious to those who understand that it's not an emerald.

I will upload the nano emerald ring and necklace I bought recently in the gallery below. Buy from the same sellers as for synthetic ruby ​​and synthetic sapphire jewelry.
The nano emerald ring is also set with two natural peridots. Another name for peridot is "evening emerald".
Nano emeralds do not have the brittleness of natural emeralds, so you can enjoy various cuts other than emerald cuts (the pendant below has a pear-shaped cut).

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