WordPress plug-in Transposh automatic translation function is stopped

update Last updated: April 2, 2016 at 7:40 AM

On my website, from a month ago, the automatic translation function of WordPress plugin "Transposh" is no longer working.
Currently, english pages are handwritten, so you can view them, but you can't view pages in other languages.

This issue has been raised in the WordPress forum, but there is still no formal response from the developer.
WordPress version UP may also be affected, but i do not know the cause yet.

There have been similar things before, so if you wait for a while, sooner or later, I think it will be corrected in the version up of Transposh.

*April 2
Transposh's automated translation feature is now recovering for new articles. Because there was no update of transposh plug-in, I think that it is a problem of the server of transposh gateway. I do not know until i contact the author, if you change to a paid plan, such a problem may not occur.

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