DIY with doorknob replacement and silicon caulking

update Last updated: April 22, 2020 at 5:08 AM

Here are two DIY features we've done during the New Year.

【 Doorknob Replacement 】

Because the doorknob of the bedroom broke, I purchased the doorknob from Rakuten and exchanged it.
At first I thought I'd ask a contractor, but early in the new year, i decided to fix it myself because the expenses of about 20,000 yen hurt.
The doorknob i purchased was a little small, but the installation was successful.

However, because the strike of the metal fittingwas too small unfortunately, I made it to use the present metal fittings as it is.
Now, including the postage, i have to spend about 4,000 yen.

【 Silicon Caulking 】

Condensation became intense due to the aluminum sash exchange of large-scale repair work carried out last year in my apartment.
Because the silicon caulking part of the lower end of the aluminum sash is thin and condensation is noticeable, the silicon caulking was enhanced by using the tool (caulking gun, masking tape) which was bought at the home improvement center.

Because the paint peeled off when the masking tape was peeled off, i plan to start painting again later.
Condensation is still occurring, but i feel better than before.

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