Change model to Galaxy S9+ with xperia & correct date of images and videos in SD card

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2 years using the Sony smartphone is "Xperia Z5 (SOV32 au)," but, because it was poor too performance, this time, take the plunge, the model change to Samsung Electronics smartphone "Galaxy S9 + (64GB Midnight black SCV39 au)" Did.

In the past, it had somehow stick to domestic, but, with respect to the smartphone, was the idea the other domestic and useless.
It is pathetic that I have noticed it now, but if you buy a flagship model smartphone, I feel like there are no longer two choices: iPhone (iOS) or Galaxy (Android). Even so, I am amazed at the speed of evolution of smartphones. In terms of specs, it seems 😅 to be a good idea after 2 years

Impression I have used for about two weeks, Sony and was a world of difference. "Galaxy S9 +" is, I realized that it is smartphone of the highest peak in the Android!

My smartphone is, of cheap SIMMineoBecause it uses, can now be used only by the APN settings pointing to the newly obtained was S9 + to Mineo of SIM (for au line).

Despite the announcement of the Galaxy S10 / S10 + in February, the price of the S9 + is still high, probably because it is not yet on the second-hand market. When I watched various online shopping sites such as Amazon, Yahoo Auction, Rakuten, Mercari, etc., if the network usage limit is "〇" and a box is included, it seems that the market price is more than 60,000 yen for used and 75,000 yen for new.

I bought this "Galaxy S9 +" is a bargain that happened to find in the mail order site "Rakuma".
The remaining debt is there is no network usage restrictions "〇", with a box and shipped goods, it had been exhibited for $ 54,000 (including postage).
From the Rakuma, because I get 2,700 yen coupon, I was able to purchase at a substantially 51,300 yen!

Because although it is a used use of only three months, I think whether a state is almost close to the new (initialized with Android 9.0).
Purchase goods, SIM lock but remains hanging, you can use it if the au system of the line.

In addition, the SD card has a life, because the information and use more than a few years is volatilized, in accordance with the exchange of the body, SD card (SanDisk microSDXC 128GB Class 10) was also replaced.
At that time, since the image and video data were copied from the old SD card on the PC, the date was updated, and all the images and videos were lined up on 😖 the first day of the gallery.

Because not in a still embezzle, deep until the evaluation is not possible to place, me and is noticed within the range excellent point of "Galaxy S9 +", the working procedure of the pictures and videos of the date correction in the then went SD card it summarized as follows.

📱 Excellent at the "Galaxy S9 +"

- highest peak of Snapdragon845 (Octa core 2.8GHz / 4 core + 1.7GHz / 4 core, RAM6GB) moving reaction is a quick crunchy because of the ultra-high-spec smartphone equipped with a

And high-definition organic EL 6.2 beautiful design that has a large screen while maintaining ease of inches to both

・ Camera can be taken beautifully even in dark places (a lens with an F value of 1.5 is used) -Xperia Z5 cannot be taken neatly in dark places

The dual camera, capable of optical image stabilization and 2x optical zoom

· In 2018 May 18, the new features that have been installed from the Galaxy S9 + / S9 released "AR pictograms", the avatar from the self-taking can make

-Swipe up or down with the camera app to instantly switch between in-camera and out-camera. Also, speaking of "yes cheese", the shutter is automatically released, and the function that allows you to easily zoom in and out with one hand is also convenient.

· S9 + ability to blur the background of a subject taking advantage of the dual camera of "live focus" is available

• The language do not know if Kazase the camera (Bixby Vision), translated into the language specified instantly displayed on the screen "Live Translation" is available (translation source 56 languages, the translation destination 104 language)

Face authentication and iris authentication, a high accuracy of fingerprint authentication - fingerprint authentication of the Xperia Z5 is not very accuracy

Home screen settings in the layout of the lock can be - Xperia Z5 can not

· Galaxy own menu "edge panel" can be set

And low power consumption is a feasible function yue AOD (Always On Display) can be displayed on the lock screen

Relatively battery durability is good (high-capacity 3,500mAh battery) - Xperia Z5 is lasting battery is the worst

· S9 +, the communication speed is high point also major feature of 4G compared to past models: are (in the case of au maximum 958Mbps at the reception), (corresponding to the ac standard) Wi-Fi is also immediately connected with one click - Xperia is limp

Wireless corresponding to the charge "Qi" (Qi)

· MicroSD ™ card can store up to 400GB - but I do not need so much capacity (^ - ^;

Music player, "Galaxy Music"Excellent but
"Galaxy Music", which had been removed from the bundle in the competition with "Play Music" of Google, which is an essential app for exhibiting the Galaxy of sound performance to the full.
It can be installed from the Galaxy Store (“Samsung Music” in the Google Play Store). Features a variety of sound settings such as Dolby Atmos and Adapt Sound.

📱 Date correction of images and videos in SD card

SD cards have a lifespan, and information may suddenly volatilize over time. Therefore, I think that it is desirable to replace the SD card that has been installed for more than 5 years normally. This time, in order to replace it with a new SD card, I transferred image and video data from the SD memory of the previous model Xperia Z5 to the PC, and copied from the PC to the new SD card of the Galaxy S9+, but because the update date was changed, all the images and videos of the gallery were 😱 displayed in the first position.
So, I fixed it up using PC software and Android apps, so I'll 😓 leave the method as a memo below.

1. Update date and time modification of image data (collective)
From the Google Play Store, "Update date and time modification toolsInstall the ", to modify the update date and time that has been set in an image file to the shooting date and time. Date change of the video is not possible with this tool. In addition, also can not change file the shooting date and time has not been set.

2. Update date and time modification of image data (individual)
From the Google Play Store, "Edit the date of the image toolInstall the "changes the update date and time of image file that could not be changed by the method described above. Date change of the video is not possible with this tool.

3. Video data of the update date and time correction (PC)
Tool to change the time stamp of the file / folder "NewFileTimeThe "installed on the PC, change the modification date and time of the moving picture files, compressed together multiple video files that have changed zip file, and then transferred to the smartphone.

4. Video data of the update date and time correction (Android)
From the Google Play store, which can be used to extract the zip file while retaining the update date and time "File Manager +Install the "Unzip the zip file that has been transferred from the PC.

Well, it is still a story now, but I think 😅 that it was easier to do the image data by the above method
The time being, although the installation was, but I did not used in Kattaru likely, the transition workGalaxy Smart SwitchIt may be 🤔 good to use a migration application such as (it is unclear whether the update date and time are retained)

2021.07.03 Addendum
As a result of testing the Galaxy Smart Switch today, it was confirmed that the time stamps of the image and video data are retained.

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2 thoughts on “Change model to Galaxy S9+ with xperia & correct date of images and videos in SD card"

  1. It's Kato, to you recommended two years ago Ekusuperia, though was purchased out even 80,000 yen XZS, been posted this kind of negative articles, but disappointed.
    If you deny the specific model, I want you to think that there are hundreds of users to the other side.

    • mr.kato
      Long time no see. That's a good opinion. Sure, until two years ago, Xperia was pushing.
      However, as a result of using two years, communication control is frequently cut off the connection of unstable NVMO, the body is hot now the battery is rapidly consumed in the start-up of the camera app, halting the connection Wi-Fi, a home screen lock function of there is no, had plagued the head after another of a problem such as the occasional application of the operation is forced to restart to become unstable.
      Then, around the fall of last year, i was allowed to play with the smartphone of galaxy S8 that a friend happened to have, i found that it moves surprisingly crispy compared to Xperia, galaxy it is up to the change of heart. I think that Xperia is also excellent in terms of specs, but the creation of the product is poor when you use it, because there is or do not move straight, I think that there is something that you do not know if you still try to use it down.
      My personal view that I've used for the two years, Xperia is up to thought that is no good. Looking back, I think the view two years ago was a mistake. We apologize for the inconvenience.

      Originally, there is also a prejudice against Korean-made of the smartphone, but might have been the favorite Sony product, or would not still of good things not to admit the good.
      It should be noted that, although the latest model of the Xperia "Xperia 1" has been released, the organic EL display is Samsung Electronics Co. (display of the previous model "Xperia XZ3" is LG, Ltd.), a further addition to the part of the internal memory, rear view camera three with the exception of the main sensor has also been found that it's made by Samsung Electronics, in the lap technically, has become a chasing after the Galaxy.

      By the way, it is a serious slump of Sony's smart phone business, in the business outlook for the year ended March 31, 2019, operating income (loss) is the case is expected to become a large deficit of 95 billion yen, very of the world share first place Samsung (operating profit = 5 trillion 350 billion yen) to Sony (operating income = 894.2 billion yen) does not think so as there is physical strength, such as can compete decent.

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