I jumped in and participated in the local "25th Shonan Hirataka Go Festival Multi-Faceted Hitting Tournament" and challenged Oya Koichi Kudan with 3 stones!

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The 25th Shonan Hirataka Go Festival Multi-Faceted Hitting Tournament was held on October 9 at Pearl Road, Hontani-cho, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, the city where I live, for the first time in four years. This time, I jumped in and participated in the following multi-faceted competition.

Date: Sunday, October 9, 2022, 13:00~16:30 (Overall Event)
Game 1: 13:20~14:45 (Reception 12:00~12:50)
2nd Match 15:05~16:30 (Reception 14:00~14:50)
* If you wish to participate in both sessions, please purchase tickets for each.

Location: Hiratsuka City, around Hongtani Pearl Road (due to rain)
Capacity: 350 people each time (first-come, first-served basis)
Target: Those who know the rules and can play Go on the 19th track
Participation fee: Game ticket (all seats reserved) 1,000 yen (2,000 yen for same-day tickets)
Recruitment: September 6 (Tue) 10:00 (ends as soon as it is sold out) ~ October 8 (Sat) 3:00 pm

【Kanagawa】The 25th Shonan Hirataka Go Festival Multi-Faceted Hitting Tournament | Go Tournaments & Events | Go Japan Ki-in

The 25th Shonan Hirataka Go Festival Multi-Faceted Hitting Tournament is an annual event of the Go town of Hiratsuka and is one of the largest Go multi-sided hitting tournaments in Japan, inviting more than 60 professional players.
The reason for the city of Go is that the great player of the Showa period "Minoru Kitani Kudan" trained many professional players at the Kitani Dojo in Momohama-cho, Hiratsuka, and the event held in honor of his achievements is the "Shonan Hiratsuka Go Festival".

opening ceremony

This is the opening ceremony of the "25th Shonan Hirataka Go Festival Multi-Faceted Hitting Tournament".

In the opening remarks, Kobayashi Satoru Kudan took the stage.
The people seated on the right are professional players of Nihon Ki-in, and from the front row to the left, from left to right, are the 24th Honinbo Shuho, Ōtake Hero Honorary Go Saint, and Takemiya Masaki 9-dan, and the back row is Kyokagen 9-dan, Chou 9-dan, and Ueno Aisami Girls Tachi-Aoi Cup. All of them are descendants of Kitani's disciples, and it's a very gorgeous lineup.

Scene from the venue

It is a booth for the multi-faceted tournament and the attached event "Beginner Go Class" and "Go Ball Experience".
As for Go balls, children were playing with their children.

Jump in and participate in the multi-faceted competition

Initially, I thought that I would only visit the venue, but as I toured the venue, I gradually felt the urge to participate in the multi-faceted competition.
In the end, I bought a ticket on the day of the multi-faceted tournament that started at 3:05 pm. 😓
However, until now, the participation fee was 1,000 yen uniformly, but from this year it became a ticket system, and since it is necessary to purchase an advance ticket (1,000 yen) or a same-day ticket (2,000 yen), it has become a cost of 2,000 yen. 💦

When you purchase a ticket, you will be handed a bag containing the following "25th Shonan Hirataka Go Festival Multi-Faceted Tournament Program" and "24 Questions of Gifts from the 24th Honinbo Syuho".

The person in charge was decided to be Koichi Oya

The player in charge of the multi-faceted batting was decided to be Koichi Oya.
It may be strange, but I was relieved to find out that the teacher was a male player. In the past, when I played against a female player, I had a hard time being attacked without any adjustments.
By the way, on average, male players play more gently in Coaching Go, so you can do it easily. 😅
A long time ago, when I played against Ishida Kudan, he hit me very gently! www
It's mentally tough to be battered at the level of multi-faceted Go.

Start of multi-faceted striking (3-stones play)

It may be cheeky to have three stones against a professional opponent, but for studying, I asked for a handicap for three stones.

Board progression

The gallery above is the board of Game Score 1 ~ Game Score 3 (Final). In the upper left corner and lower corner, Black is hitting carelessly and losing money.
The teacher hit me very fast (within 10 seconds of each move), so if I had been caught and hit back with a quick shot, I would have hit a lot of terrible hands. The depth of reading is remarkably different between professionals and amateurs, so it is a natural result.
It goes without saying, but if your opponent is a professional, you have to think more carefully before hitting. If I remember correctly, around 100 moves, all the other players had already ended (destroyed!?), so I think it was a one-on-one match with the teacher.
In the final offense and defense, White came to capture the group of blacks in the center, but somehow managed to survive with two eyes, so White conceded.
The result is a "Black win by a wide margin", but well, multi-faceted hitting is a kind of entertainment Go, so you should understand that you were given flowers with you.

A record of playing a game

When I was young, I used to memorize the steps of any Go game I played once for at least a week. It may have been better to take the record of the game, but I don't think it's necessary in a game like multi-faceted Go.
So, although my memory is fuzzy, the following game score is (probably) the procedure up to board 2. Unfortunately, the procedure after White 107 is not clear memory.

*2022.10.11 Correction of game score
Explanation 1: The black 54 in the upper left corner is lost. The novi in step 2 are correct.
Explanation 2: The black 74 on the underside is sharp. In black 76, white was troublesome after selecting step 2.

* Click on the thumbnail of the game score to play the procedure of the game score.

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2022.10.11 Update

2013 V.S. Yoshimi Kitani 2-dan and game scores

In the diary of "GOXI" of Go SNS At the "18th Shonan Hirataka Go Festival Multi-Face Hitting Tournament" held on October 13, 2013, there was a game score with Yoshimi Kitani (currently 3-dan), so I will post it below.
It is the end of the strike at the end, but when I look at it again, the stepping stone and the start are also hectic. The description in the SGF file remains as it was at that time.

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