Request a contractor to affix UV-cut film (shatterproof film GLAFIL SN50) to the sweeping window on the south side

update Last updated: June 12, 2022 at 3:44 PM

Ahead of the arrival of full-fledged summer, we asked a contractor to affix UV-cut film to the sweep-out window of the south veranda, and we carried out the construction.
In the past, this window was pasted with a UV-cut film, but after replacing it with a new double sash due to large-scale repair work of the condominium, it was not attached.
The type of UV cut film applied this time was selected by the contractor, and it is "shatterproof film GLAFIL SN50" linked below.

The features of this UV cut film are as follows.

  • JIS A 5759 conforming shatterproof film
  • High transparency and does not obstruct the view or landscape
  • Shields ultraviolet rays by more than 99%, reducing fading and deterioration of furnishings and curtains around windows

It is possible to apply the film by DIY, but I think it is quite difficult for an amateur to do it, so I decided to ask a professional.

As for the selection of a contractor, initially, the quote site Mitsumore So, I got estimates from 5 companies by pasting film on 2 sweeping windows, but the market price was about 35,000 yen, and it was a little high impression, so I gave up the request to Mitsumore's trader.

So, it is also a quote site (app) Lifestyle Market We selected a contractor from .
The selected contractor is a professional contractor in Yokohama who is developing business mainly in the Kanto region with his wife Glass Film Construction KTM Is.
In this estimate, it is cheap at 19,000 yen (tax included), and there is also a reassuring material that you will visit with a couple, so I asked for an immediate decision.

The following gallery shows quotations, construction confirmations and warranties, instructions, and sweep-out windows after construction. In the field, ultraviolet lightMeasuring instrumentI was able to show numerically how much ultraviolet rays are actually cut against the sample UV cut film, so I was fully convinced.
As shown in the last photo below, it was finished beautifully with very careful construction! 🙂

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