Ladyboy Closing & Holding Birthday Party

update Last updated: May 27, 2020 at 2:25 PM

Shemale Pub Ladyboy has been in business for about three years, but unfortunately, it has been closed on Saturday, October 27.

With the last thanks to our customers, we were able to hold a ladyboy closing party and a birthday party (Shampoo & Chisato) on the following dates.

Date: October 26 (Fri) - 27 (Sat)
Birthday Mama Shampoo (October 23), Chisato (October 31)

At this time, we will hold a Halloween party a little earlier and a Christmas party further ahead (laugh)

We know you're busy, but this is the Ladyboy's last party, so thank you for attending.


Helds a party to celebrate the birthdays of Shampoo(Oct.23), Senri(Oct.31) and the termination of Ladyboy

Newhalf Pub “Lady Boy” has been doing business for about 3 years, but unfortunately it will be closed by October 27th (Saturday).

As a result, we will hold a Ladyboy closed party and a birthday party (Shampoo & Senri) with the following schedule with the last gratitude feeling to our customers:

· Schedule: From Friday, 26th to 27th Saturday
· Birthdays: Mama-Shampoo (October 23), Senri (October 31)

At this time, we will also hold a pair of early Halloween parties and a Christmas party ahead of us (laugh)

Everyone, though I know that you are busy, this will be the last party of Ladyboy, so we expect you could be attended it.

*Added on October 28, 2018

I finished "LadyBoy Closing & Birthday Party" safely. While you are busy, we are filled with gratitude for the fact that many people come to the store.
Although it is only a few photos, I have uploaded the scene of the party to the gallery below. In addition, the store where I will transfer has already been decided. We will publish it on this website in the near future, so please 😉 wait for a while until then.

📸 Lady Boy Closing Party

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