October Birthstone and Halloween

update Last updated: April 9, 2023 at 6:57 AM

All the Things You Are

October birthstones are opal and tourmaline. Among them, especially when it comes to opals, I like black opals and water opals. Also, as for tourmaline, I like pink tourmaline and paraibamarine. Black Opal and Paraiba Battle Marine are luxury gems, so we had a hard time collecting them. A part of the collection is affixed below.

💎 Other gemstones are featured on my jewelry collection site⇒ Secret Jewelry Collection Actually, October 31st is my birthday. This day is Halloween, ^_^; isn't it? But in my case, every day is Halloween... I will be waiting for you in some kind of cosplay, so thank you for your visit. (^_-)

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