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update Last updated: April 18, 2023 at 12:46 PM

JOYFUL NOTE v6.02 + Lightbox2(v2.7.1) & Bilingual Edition v1.00

This time, by modifying the CGI "Joyful Note (v6.02)" of the image bulletin board, it is compatible with Japanese and English bilingual, and the system "Joyful Note X v1.00" incorporating Lightbox2 (v2.7.1) Publish the source.
This system is also operated on the bulletin board of this site.

By incorporating the function of Lightbox2, when you click a photo, the photo will pop up on the same screen.
For the bilingual function, it is also possible to use only Japanese or English only.

This source is located as freeware, but we are not responsible for any damages and will not accept any support. (However, bug reports are accepted.)

Please use this program after knowing the above in advance.

The licenses for JOYFUL NOTE and Lightbox2 belong to the license rules of their respective authors.

2023.04.18 update
Joyful Note X has been upgraded to v2.01.
Please download from the following page.

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