Lightbox functionality added to Joyful Note

update Last updated: September 4, 2022 at 3:08 PM

The photo bulletin board program (Joyful Note v6.02) installed on this site has been modified to incorporate the latest version of Lightbox (2.7.1). 👉 Photo BBS based on Joyful Note X

👉 Joyful Note X source code (Ver1.04) released

When you click on a photo, the photo will pop up on the same screen.
The latest version of Lightbox is based on jQuery.

Click here for the official Lightbox website 👉

However, we hope that this modification does not create a new security hole. (..;)

* May 27
The point of concern is that when editing the article, enter the tag ">" in the title name and XSS is described, but after experimentation, it was converted to "& gt;", so I think that it is probably OK You.

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