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Last time, I introduced emeralds and jade, but this time I will introduce the following green gemstones from my collection that are appropriate for the new green season. 💎 Tsavorite

  • Beautiful green garnet from Kenya and Tanzania. The gem name Tsavo is named after it was first discovered in Tsavo National Park, a natural park in Kenya, Africa.

💎 Demantoid Garnet

  • The finest green garnet first discovered in the Urals of Russia.

💎 Grosschler

  • The Japanese name is Alban garnet. In short, it is ordinary garnet, but there are various color variations.

💎 Green Tourmaline

  • When a crystal is heated, it takes on electricity, so the Japanese name is called "tourmaline". Its main production area is Brazil, but it can also be found in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Russia and Myanmar.

💎 Green Chalcedony

  • Like Agate (Japanese name is agate), it is a type of quartz. The feature is that the color is uniform.

💎 Amazonite

  • It is mainly produced in Brazil. The Japanese name is Tenkawa Stone. It is an opaque stone, but its blue-green color is beautiful.
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