Tour of all venues and introduction of purchased products of the largest ever "The 31st Tokyo Mineral Show 2022"

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Continuing from last year, I visited the 31st Tokyo Mineral Show 2022, one of Japan's largest festivals of minerals, fossils, meteorites, gems, and natural stone original accessories, held at the Sunshine City Bunka Kaikan in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. rice field.
The Tokyo Mineral Show is now open to overseas exhibitors who were unable to exhibit from 2020 due to the influence of the Corona Vortex, and the scale of the event has also been expanded.
About 70 companies from dozens of countries including the United States, France, Germany, Brazil, Australia, and India are exhibiting at the Tokyo Mineral Show. With over 450 exhibitors, both the number of exhibitors and venue space were the largest ever.

However, regarding admission, it was still not held as usual, and it was necessary to purchase the following tickets in advance.

Tokyo Mineral Show 2022 Official Guidebook

To the Tokyo Mineral Show, I received an admission ticket at the reception in exchange for a paper ticket purchased in advance from the Internet. At this time, you will also receive the following official guidebook (30 pages in total). In the venue guide map published in the guidebook, you can see the 3rd venue newly established from this year.
In the gallery below, we have put up a full list of dealers. You can see that the number of exhibitors is the largest ever.

State of each venue

This year, I visited all the venues from the 1st venue to the 3rd venue. The ruby ​​and amazonite natural stone bracelets I was looking for were purchased at "Afghan Brothers" in the first venue, and other bargains were purchased at the "Gemstone Kofu Company" in the second venue.
After that, we will show you the state of each venue in the gallery.

1st venue

The 2nd floor is the first venue and the main venue. There is also an admission procedure in front of the gate.
This venue has regular exhibitors from Japan and abroad.

2nd venue

The 3rd floor is the 2nd venue, which mainly houses domestic exhibitors. At the entrance of the venue, it was interesting that there were exhibition booths such as dinosaur fossils and artificial gemstones.
There were a lot of bargains on display, such as loose items being sold at a uniform price of 1,000 yen (of course, with reasonable quality), and 3 natural stone bracelets being sold at 2,000 yen.

3rd venue

The 4th floor is the 3rd venue newly established this year. It was smaller than the 1st and 2nd venues, but there were unique exhibits mainly from overseas exhibitors.

Purchased products

Upload your purchases to the gallery below.

Images 1 and 2 (ruby loose, rose quartz, garnet, and amazonite bracelets) were purchased from the Gemstone Kofu Company at the second venue. It seems that the ruby ​​loose was 1,000 yen per piece, and the bracelet was 2,000 yen for 3 pieces.

Image 3 (Malachite, Ruby, Amazonite bracelet) was purchased at Afghan Brothers in the first venue. The list price and the number of purchases are malachite @ 3,500 yen x 1, ruby ​​@ 30,000 yen x 1, Amazonite @ 2,800 yen x 3, so the total is 41,900 yen. was stupid, so after some negotiation, I bargained the price down to 33,000 yen (including tax). 😏
I think the market price for this ruby ​​(impregnated stone) is in the 20,000 yen range, so if I worked hard, I might have been able to lower the price a little more. In addition, this dealer was said to have a store in Okachimachi.

By the way, malachite bracelets are pretty heavy because the main component is copper. I bought this as a gift, but I think I'll buy one for myself next time.

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