Birthstone in June

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All the Things You Are

The birthstones for June are pearl, moonstone and alexandrite. Here are some of the moonstones and alexandrite from my collection. 💎 Moonstone Moonstone is a mineral belonging to feldspar. Among moonstones, the most beautiful stone is "royal blue moonstone", which has blue syrah. 💎 Alexandrite Alexandrite was first discovered in the Ural Mountains of the Russian Empire. In Russia, April 29, the day it was presented to Tsar Nicholas I, was the 12th birthday of Crown Prince Alexander II, so it is said that it was named after it. It is characterized by changing color to green in natural light (ultraviolet rays) and red in incandescent lamps.

💎 Color change of natural alexandrite

💎 Color change of alexite (synthetic)

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